Sexy niece

Next birthday my niece is 16 she is tall has long legs big butt and big tits a bit weighty but not too bad.
I going to buy her some real sexy underwear as a second private birthday present to give her when her parents arnt around.
Hoping as she hasn't a boyfriend and is a little quiet she will at the very least go home wear the underwear and play with herself thinking of me fucking her.
Might get a bit more hopefully.

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  • Invited around to play board games and twister you can guess what position I'm going to get her into

  • I really would love to fuck her tight pussy hard cumming deep inside her emptying a full load inside her

  • Just been round knee boots black tights short skirt tight top god she has heaving tits and an ass to die for great hips she gets me so horny thinking about fucking her tight young body hard and filling her with my heavy load.

  • She has the roundest hot ass ever love to fiuck that tight pussy

  • Your a goof

  • Omg lovely round butt and big tits that girl needs a big hard cock in her tight young pussy

  • Be good to see her on her knees sucking my big hard cock as I cum in her mouth and she shows me all the cum in her mouth and then swallows all she can

  • I'm sure at 16 and a virgin she's so very tight

  • Yunger too

  • That pussy was ready long ago

  • She is quite shy and niece but her hormones are like any 16 year old girls.
    I'm close with her so hoping this bodes well for future encounters.

  • You should try taking her out for a meal or something.

  • Swimming, gives you the chance to see her body and you can see if she is checking out the package

  • So I take it your of a similar mind

  • Yes, the swimming worked with my cousin long ago

  • Rather try to see her clothes on first bending over to get the ball looking at her ass and down her top. To make it less of an issue may take my daughter put her at ease.

  • Was thinking of cinema or bowling and food after and a possible drink she looks old enough.

  • Sounds good. Just you two though.

  • Yes I thought bowling it's a good excuse to look and give some bowling aid hands on help that is

  • Good idea, remember to work out whether shes interested or not

  • I think if I give her the right attention she will start thinking about me in a sexual way.

  • Exactly.

  • Bowling next weekend all arranged

  • Nice short skirt, no knickers so when she bends to throw her ball you get a nice view of where your cock is going

  • That and a low cut top showing her firm young tits another place to put my cock.
    A virgin too so tight

  • Would have been tighter a couple of years ago my step sis was

  • She drops round sometimes in her school uniform she looks like a 20 year old dressing up can't help but look at her.
    Other day she Was in the garden running about with the dog her boobs were swaying and I was transfixed on her round ass.

  • Has she shown any interest in you?

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