Park Jerk Off

There's a park near where I work that attracts guys who like to jerk off together. It has a large parking lot (about the size of a football field) and guys back into the parking spaces in the back part of the lot, open their doors and wank. In the middle of a sunny weekday there is hardly anyone else in the entire parking lot and you can actually stand outside of your car naked and jerk off. Sometimes 2, 3, or even 4 cars will be involved. Sometimes guys wind up sucking each other's cocks and once even I saw a guy fucking another in the ass. I don't go that far. I have had guys suck my dick there though.

Anyway this behavior has been going on for several years until recently. Something happened that scared and angered me.

I was sitting in my car one weekday afternoon - naked with my door open - jerking my ultra hard cock with another guy who elected to stand outside of his truck - also naked (the guy not the truck :)) - and jerking his dick. Our vehicles were backed into the spaces in the back of the parking lot - my driver’s side facing the other guy’s passenger side. We were stroking away when all of sudden I hear a voice in back of my car. I look in my rear view mirror and see a guy walking towards us with his iphone out with video rolling. He's announcing out loud, presumably for the benefit of the video he was shooting, that "this the kinda shit that goes down in this park". I heard him say that he got our license plates on video.

The guy never got me on video since he approached my car from the rear passenger side and I was jerking off on the driver’s side. But I’m pretty sure he had a clear shot of the other guy standing outside of his truck rubbing his dick - but who knows if he actually got him on video. As soon as we heard the guy start to mouth off I shut my door, started my engine, and took off. The other guy jumped into the passenger seat of his truck and shut the door. So it's possible he didn't get a clear shot of the guy jerking off. But I don’t see how the guy could have not videoed the back end of our cars and our license plates.

That was about 6-7 weeks ago and nothing has come of it. I was wondering if a police car would wind up in my driveway but that never happened. Hopefully the guy thought better about reporting us to the cops.

Now, there was absolutely no one else around. No people, no kids, no animals - no one could see us but those who wanted to see us and participate. What harm were we doing? If this had been reported we both could have been arrested and listed as sex offenders. So I’ve decided not to go back to that park.

A few months earlier, while parked in that lot I was approached by a guy (might have been the same one) who said he had me on video jerking off. He wouldn’t show me the video but said he would turn it over to the cops unless I paid him off. I told him to fuck off and drove away. It was obvious he didn't have anything.

So I’m thinking this latest episode was another extortion attempt that failed. I’m thinking this amateur videographer/extortionist was probably not in the good graces of the police himself and so he refrained from reporting us.

So this guy ruined it for at least a dozen or so guys who liked to jerk off in that park. Too bad. There were more cum loads spewed on that black top than I can remember. But no more because of one ass hole.

Oh well..just needed to get that off my chest.

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  • It seems that someone has to ruin a good thing for everyone else.
    I'm a sales rep. for a large auto supply company, I travel a lot between my route of customers. Well one of the routes I travel has an old time public rest area. It's just a small place, pit toilets, 4 picnic tables, 2 grills, and about enough parking for 6 to 10 cars. It's heavily wooded area, well shaded. Well it late one night and I was having trouble staying awake driving back home. So I called my wife told her I was going to pull over for a bit and get some sleep, so was going to be late getting home. I pulled into the rest area, rolled my window down hung my arm out, kicked back and fell asleep. Not sure how long I was asleep, but I woke to something warm rubbing on my hand outside the car. I sat up to find an old man stand there naked rubbing his hairy cock and balls on my hand. I could barely make him out in the dark, must have been about 55 yrs old, chubby. I asked him what he was doing, he said "just getting off in your hand and arm". We talking for about 20 minutes, and I realized I was not only still rubbing his cock that was rock hard, butt so was I. I got out of my car yook my pants and underwear off, we walked over to a picnic table. I layed on my back on the table with my head hanging off the end while he fucked the shit out of my throat, till he cum several large shots down down my throat. We parted ways, I continued to make this one of my weekly stops for about the next 4 years. Till one time it was empty and a sign stating "Park under surveillance by law", I haven't been able to find another place like this since.

  • I lived in a large southern town that had two adult bookstores with mini-movies in the back. That's where most of the anonymous male-male sex stuff went down. When Reagan brought in a climate of rabid conservatism and its' attending faux morality, the bookstores were closed down. The men looking for such action had to go to the public parks, as well as an abandoned " big
    box " store, where they would haunt the loading dock, and the wooded area on the periphery. Law enforcement resources were spent regularly busting
    these guys while gangbangers were killing innocent citizens, sometimes for no better reason than gaining admittance to the gang. It was, and still is, pretty stupid !

  • After being married for a few years we went back to my wife's hometown for a visit. She wanted to show me around to all the areas she and her friends used to hang out at. Well she pulls into this park and we walk down to another parking area only to come up on a small group of men . They had their cars parked so they would be blocked if someone pulled in from the road but could be clearly seen if you came down on foot from the other parking lot. So there they are completely nude, one guy crouched down sucking cock while the other guys stood around stroking their dicks watching. I found it to be a huge turn on watching them and if I wasn't with my wife I probably would have joined in.

  • How did your wife react to all that?

  • My wife was not into it at all. I even tried to get her to stay and watch a little longer but she just wanted to leave. I never was into men but found it erotic seeing the guy sucking cock.

  • I’m so sorry. I’m a woman, but my husband and I love dogging, and we’ve had this experience a couple times. Well, once we arrived to see people and played it off like we were also shocked travelers. But that sucks. If we enjoy it, and we’re allconsenting? Who cares?!

  • I know right?

  • Find another place and move on. Don’t hang out there long and move on.

  • Update: Amongst the pervs that jerk off in this park is this older guy who has this big van. He usually would back into the space and slide open the side van door and he would jerk off naked. Occasionally he would get out, and even suck me off outside of the van.
    Anyway after the video incident I've been going back to the park -only briefly and not parking - just to see if anyone is still there. Anyway the guy with the van was there. I circled the lot and passed by where he was backed into the space. He looked a little surprised that I didn't stop like I used to. I circled around again and this time as I approached him, he started up and started slowly driving as if he wanted me to follow. So I did. We wound up in a remote part of the park under some trees. He slid open his door. He was completely naked as usually with his big cock as hard as a telephone poll and started to stroke.
    I told him what had happened with the video guy and he said: "we can fix that. Get in". I did somewhat reluctantly. He closed and locked the door and drew the blinds on the windows.
    He proceeded to stroke his hard dick. I took off all my clothes and did the same. He deep throated my cock until I blew a hot load right down his throat. He blew a HUGE load all over the floor of the van.

    So I guess there is life after the video guy in this park after all.

  • Unfortunately I have. But haven't found a location as good as this one was.

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