I'm a teacher and had sex with a colleague o a field trip

I have recently returned from a field trip, taking the kids to an outdoors centre for a few days. All the kids were in dorms and teachers 2 to a room. 3 female teachers, one male so I ended up in with Tony. He is cute, most the 6 form girls have a crush on him and so do the female teachers under 50. Me included (I'm 26) he is 38 I think, but a full on hunk.
First night I got ready for bed in the bathroom and put my PJs on and in to bed, he on the other hand just stripped off to his briefs and got in do bed. What a sight, and quite the bulge he was packing, cue awkward horniness. I'm not proud of this but as he slept I slipped a hand down and relieved myself thinking of Tony. Next morning he comes out the shower, drops his towel and pulls on new pants, what an ass, I just wanted to squeeze it. He was inappropriate but hot lol.
Next night after a tough day outdoors stuff my shoulders hurt. We were in our beds and I moaned about hit, he offered me a massage, which sounded lovely, I forgot the sleeping in briefs, but got another eyeful. He insisted I laid down with my top off and he would give me a full back massage, don't know why but I took it off and he climbed on my bed, and kinda sat on my bum. Fabulous massage, and now so God damn horny, I forgot my top and sat up, tits on show. It was too late, I was too horny, we kissed, my ok bottoms and panties came off and out came a sizable hard cock. I was wet for him, and gabbed his cock and stuffed it in me, o moaned with pleasure as inch after inch sank in to me. He went slow and deep, I came so fast digging my nails in to his back. He stepped it up and got harder and faster, I came again for only the fifth time ever. He came at basically the same time and I could feel this warm spray in me, I was in heaven. He slid out of me leaving me with a warm wonderful feeling of satisfaction!

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  • Awesome!!! I went with every intention on having sex with one of the teachers, I was 1 of 4 parents that went along with the weekend trip.

  • Hi, so.... Did you get lucky, really curious? Also are you m of f?

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