Another Anal confession

I am a MWF, 42, and I’ve been sleeping with my boss who’s now 66 for some years now. Lately I’ve been reminiscing about the first time. There’s no one I can tell, so I’ll say it here.
I was late 30s, he was early 60s, very attractive, confident, established, respected, also married. One day, I thought out of the blue, he spun me around at the copy machine and kissed me deep, passionately. He said something was missing from his life, and I couldn’t argue mine wasn’t lacking as well. He took my hand and led me into his office. He positioned me in front of his desk, him standing behind me. He put my hands on the desk, taking what he wanted, though in a gentle way, and I was on fire. His hands caressed my body, he lifted my dress, traced my round ass. He took my panties down, kissing and rubbing my ass and legs as he did. I stepped out of them and he stood back up. His left arm was over my left shoulder and across to my right breast, kneading it. He was kissing my neck and ear, whispering commands, desires, compliments. I’d never felt so desired. I knew where it was headed but still was a little shocked when I heard his zipper. I felt his member rubbing my swollen flower, then it slipped in easily. Omg I was wet. He’s not nearly as well endowed as my husband but it felt so good just the same. Then he slipped it out of me, he began rubbing my ass with it. I asked where he thought he was going, he said “ssshhhhh” relax”. Loving this whole experience I chose to let him go, but I requested “gently”. I felt a pressure as he began to push inside my virgin ass. He paused as the head slipped inside, then he began gently working it in. A few strokes later I felt his balls against my swollen flower. He fucked me in the ass, gently but confidently. I came so hard, like never before, and twice before I felt his member swelling, then finally he released inside me. I have been his since that day.

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  • I love to fuck a lady in her asshole. I have an ass fitish. Love looking at women asses. I like nice round bubble butts. I also love licking women asshole sticking my tongue in and out of their asshole drives me crazy. I’ve been with a lot of women and I fucked them all in their asshole. I love to have them spread their ass cheeks apart and I like to jerk off and cum on their asshole. I get so turned on when I see a woman with a nice ass.

  • How “big” are you?

  • 6-7 inches

  • Sorry baby, too big for me. Lol

  • Do you like your asshole tongue fucked?

  • Definitely sweetie.

  • Slow, and lots of lube.

  • Lol. I’m afraid not. It should feel good. Not be a mission.

  • Reading this again, I realize I’d left out the way he rubbed my clit as he was gently loving my ass. This has been going on for some time now. He’s the only man who’s ever had me thag way. A big dick is nice, but there’s more to it than that. My older, smaller lover is by far the best I’ve ever had.

  • How often are you together? Do you go away from the office or is your office small enough that you just have sex there? Good on ya!

  • It’s a small enough office, most of our liaisons are right there. But we do get away sometimes. We have sex a few times a week average. It was a few times a day at first. I love the way he takes control. Even takes me a little rough sometimes.

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