Saw mum and dad having sex, anyone else had the same experience?

I came home earlier than expected, and I could hear sex noises coming from the living room and thought it was my older brother and his girlfriend. I got tempted to check, and we it was mum and dad. Mum was bent over the arm of the sofa and my dad was stood up, doing her from behind, I could hear and see my dad's balls go 'slap slap slap' against my mum's ass.
It freaked me out. Anyone else experienced this, please share your story?

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  • When I was about 10, I saw my mom on top riding my dad's cock. My dad was a big guy and my mom was a petite woman so she looked like a little girl on top of him. I had never seen anything like that and it was amazing to watch his rather large cock disappearing into my mom's pussy. After I married, my wife and I lived with her parents for a couple of years until we were able to get our own place. My wife is one horny woman and it seems she got it from her mom. They had sex often and it was easy to tell when they were fucking because of how vocal she was. It made me horny and wishing I could get between her legs and suck her pussy after they finished fucking!

  • Every body catches there parents having sex, I walked in on mum and dad having sex, i was supposed to be staying at my boyfriends over the weekend but a change of plans stopped me, I was in bed when they came home, next morning I was awake early I decided to ask mum and if they wanted a brew,
    when I walked in dad was fucking my mum it was strange to dads cock disappearing in and out of mums vagina, I knew I should have retreated quietly but I didn't, I have wonder what it would be like to see my dad fuck mum,
    I know ime perverted but that's me, mum opened her eyes and saw me watching, she didn't react to me being there, I stayed a little bit longer, next day mum said quietly to me it was ok I haven't told your dad, I asked her why she let me watch he private moment, mum said it increases my excitement having an audience, has any one else had the experience of watching or being watch while having sex, does it make sex better and more exciting.

  • Thanks for sharing, did you feel any arousal while you watched?

  • I only caught my parents once. I'm a guy. It was an early Saturday morning, and I had to ask my dad a question, so I went into their room. I didn't hear anything going on but the televison, so I assumed it was okay. I walked in and my mom was riding dad hard reverse cowgirl. She jumped off and scrambled for a bathrobe, but I saw all of her, pussy and hard nips, everything.

    It was no big deal seeing my dad, since we worked out all the time and had seen each other's gear in the locker room, but seeing my mom was hot. Pretty hot bod for someone 43.

  • I don't know if you feel the same as I did when I saw mum and fucking they were doing it doggy position my the wardrobe mirror I was stunned but couldn't stop watching my dads dick thrusting in and out my mums vagina, mum said talk dirty to me dad was swearing using all the four letter words calling mum filthy names calling her a filthy cunt, mum kept saying fuck me,
    I know I shouldn't have kept watching but I couldn't stop till I creamed myself, in truth I wanted to do what dad was doing, you see your parents in a different light specially my mum, I think they knew I had been watching mum is more relaxed about she dresses when we are alone, may be ime getting a message a hint not sure,

  • I only saw them once but heard them all the time because my bedroom was next to theirs. My mom always did this moaning grunt when she was getting screwed and when I finally figured out what they were doing I would lay there and picture my mom on her back with her legs spread out getting it. One night I got the courage up to go and try to see it, I crawled all the way to their bedroom door and it was mostly closed. I looked thru the opening but it was to dark to see anything then one time when we went camping I could hear them talking in their tent. It was a really bright moon that night and soon the talking turned into moaning with little grunts so I crept out of my tent and made my way slowly to theirs. One of the screen windows was open and I could see my moms legs up in the air with her feet moving around to the sound of her grunting. All I could see was my dad on top of her and her legs moving around but only being like four feet away from them I could hear the whispering words of fuck me harder and yes repeated over and over along with the moaning grunts.

  • That is so fucking hot! I would have been masturbating as soon as I got back to my tent. Hearing my mom moaning makes me horny, and when she's having an orgasm she gets really loud. I jackoff listening to her.

  • How old are you?

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