Daddy had sex with my aunt

I came back from school into the house and I dropped my things in my room. I then heard some sounds in the garage so I went there. I was a little scared so I quietly opened the door to see my pregnant aunt (Dad’s sis) being fucked by him. I was 15 years old at the time so I was so shocked that Daddy would do that my aunt.

I just quietly watch them have sex and I never left till it was over. Later on, mom made the dinner and he acted like nothing was wrong. After everyone went to bed, I stripped myself naked and started to play with my body. I saw how much my aunt love getting fucked by my dad, and though I was ashamed to admit it, I wish Daddy was inside me like he was inside Aunt Hannah.


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  • Pregnancy has a stage resulting in super horniness due to the hormones, and Dad was just helping his sister out.

  • This is so true. There was a phase when I fucked anyone who would take their dick out. I never got enough. I would joke that my baby must be a girl like me or gay because it was making me so cock hungry! Lol

  • Believe me your dad has imagined being deep inside you too x

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