Dildo and cum

I like to suck on a realistic dildo while masturbating, and practice deepthroating. When I cum, I cum on the dildo, then I suck that off. It makes me crazy horny and I can’t stop thinking about it. And I’m not (totally) gay.

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  • I like sticking a dildo up my asshole and jerk off.

  • I've tried sucking on a dildo, but it doesn't cumpare to sucking a nice hard BBC & milking it dry.
    bi daddy.

  • I wish I had a dildo to suck on. Whether it’s just me or if I had a gf that was interested in wearing a strapon & I can get down in front of her and suck on it. Last time I had a dick in my mouth, was 16 years ago. I’ve always been afraid to ask and never met anybody who is just interested in getting blown. Like, I wish I had a friend to jerk off with, I can suck his dick anytime as much as I want, and when we’re jerking, he can cum all over my body or face while I’m trying to cum. Not interested in fucking, I just wanna suck.

  • Not gay? Perhaps bi? Probably not demi.... Maybe pan?

  • Dude yes you are totally gay but if you enjoy it then keep at it

  • I do that too. I fuck my wifes pussy with the realistic dildo, then she and I clean it together sucking it until she cums. Then she watches me suck it as I jerk off. She holds it for me to cum on and then she shoves it in my mouth and tells me to suck the cum from that big cock.

  • Try letting her stick it in your asshole it feels good while she sucks you’re cock.

  • I love when my girlfriend uses a strap on my ass

  • That is so fucking hot.

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