Love letting wife meet up with different guys to have sex.

My wife just turned 50, we have been married since we were both 21. After first year I found out that she was fucking her old boyfriend in the bathroom at places my band was playing at. He is 10 years older first and best guy to eat her out. When I found out it turned me on , she tells me how she gets fucked when we are g having sex. She let's them do things she doesn't let me , like fuck her in the ass.

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  • The thought of her just losing control does it for me. There have been times where I’ve caught my wife flirting at other guys when we go out for dinner, lunch etc. But once she starts drink she is a totally different person. She will just walk off and next thing she’s flirting. I got used to it until one day she confessed she sucked a guy off in the bathroom when I was at the table having drinks with others. I was disappointed but that wore off and then I wanted details. She told me she is just turned on and loses. I finally admitted I wanted her to continue to act on her mood when we go out. She does and last time we were invited to a party where she let a guy fuck her behind the pool shed. I had no idea until we were driving home. She asked me if anyone had been asking or anything seemed suspicious cause she and a guy left the
    party and we’re fucking behind the shed

  • Dude, I know it's such a turn on. Just knowing my wife might be fucking someone else when she is out. Coming home knowing amother mans cock has been in her pussy, maybe even leaving a cum deposit.

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