Tiny blonde loves huge dicks

I can't stop my craving for bick dicks. I cheated on my husband a few years ago with a guy I work with. He had a huge dick and he really knew how to use it. Our affair went on for a few months until he got transferred. Well needlass to say I haven't stopped. I now post ads on dating sites being very specific about what I'm looking for. I am 5' tall 120 lbs. Athletic and can take every inch of a huge dick. I will only reply to men that send a real picture so I can see them and there cock. The bigger the better. I haven't found one that I can't take all the way in. Nothing better than laying under a man with a huge dick as he fucks me to no end. I love it!

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  • Saying you like big dick is like saying you like pizza. No shit. Everyone does.

  • But not everyone can take it like she does! Got to love a woman that can take it all.

  • My wife is petite and slim but a pale red head.She told me she had a couple very big dicks in the past,one was a big black guy.After we fuck I can't help watching her lay there imagining a big black cock slipping in and out of her making her flat tummy rise with full penetration.And their white and black contrasting skin together both writhing against each other.It gets me hard and I have to fuck her again.

  • Thank you for sharing, nothing better than reading posts from big cock babes

  • Wow I love the way you talk and you do sound sexy if you live in Florida I would love to send you a picture of mine but I’m only 8 1/2 inches

  • I’m sure there are many like you. Just to prove to myself that most whites females have a thing for black guys. I made it a point to meet and greet the cute hot fit females at my company as soon as they start employment. I invite them to meet me and my friends for drinks to get them used to a few of the companies employees. Some come and some don’t.
    I then try and set them up with a black friend of mine who has 10” true inches of black meat. My success rate since I’ve started this has been 7 females to give in. I have witnessed them leaving with Anthony and the pleasure is all mine knowing these hot bodied females have been fucked good. He has even showed me their panties as proof he’s sexed them

  • He could at least film it for you to watch later.

  • I am the exact same way. I love the way a huge cock feels inside me. I am small too. 5' 1" 95 Lbs. I have turned into a BBC lover. Every black man I have fucked has be huge. They fuck very hard and go very fast which always makes me cum so hard.

  • Yeah why are they always so hard and fast? Nothing makes me feel like a cum dump more than BBC.

  • Hi sexy would love to help you out

  • Good for you! My wife is a tiny blond and she just can't handle a big dick. We've been together a long time and at first she would bleed at times and she was far from being virgin going into it.

  • She just needs to be stretched. Just like a butt plug, but for her pussy. There is no cock a pussy can’t take.

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