New Babysitting

I am doing a lot of babysitting and recently I've been babysitting this real sexy one year old. She's tiny, with beautiful eyes and a sexy pussy. It's a fantasy to be with a toddler.



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  • I'm not into infants, but in 4 or 5 years I most definantely love their smooth cocks and vaginal. I married a gal with a 7 yr old son and a 12 yr old daughter, and I was sucking their cock and pussy regularly from then on. As my step son got older he even began fucking my ass. He's 30 now and I still suck his cock and I still let him fuck my ass too. My step daughter is 35 and married but she still let's me fuck her and shoot her pussy full of my cum.

  • Mate, I'd love to fuck any girl under 15, from 1 - 15, would be amazing

  • Not into fucking under 9 but love licking the cunt and fingering, baby sucks good too

  • Baby boys?

  • I love bby do you have pics?

  • Unfortunately no, I wish I did

  • Me too! love those bald pussy's

  • Have you ever fucked a bald pussy?

  • Yes she was 8 best pussy ever


  • How tight was she?


  • Took a bit to get it in her but once I did it is the best pussy you will ever have

  • I bet it felt amazing, I'm very jealous

  • Warm, soft, moist, sooooooooooooo tight great fucking

  • I hope I get that opportunity someday

  • Did you shoot your load in her?

  • I was not old enough to cum, my cock spased like crazy but no cum, years ago but still love young pussy or cock

  • Ahh... Shame you can't try it now ay mate

  • Love some now

  • Me too

  • DIE

  • Goof

  • Go kill yourself.

  • A rEAllY seXy oNe yeAr olD.

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmm so hot taking off the nappy

  • Yeah mate, taking the nappy off and feeling their hot, moist wet pussy's. So amazing

  • You getting any?

  • Unfortunately no. Yourself?

  • They are ALL sexy at that age

  • I agree, especially with their hairless pussy's

  • Yes

  • Do you have any pictures?

  • Of what?

  • You should be shot

  • Hope they have a nanny cam and a 12 gauge for your ass!

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