Young meets Old...Part One...

Back in the late 70's when VCR's were first coming out there were lots of video rental stores opening up. But in the small ultra-conservative, town we lived in it was impossible to find adult movies. So I had to drive almost an hour to a bigger city to get movies. One day when I was there i met a guy who was from where I lived. He was quite a bit older than us but was a really nice guy. Lynn and I were only 19 and had been married for a year. And had been into swinging for about six months. Starting with nude pics then 3-somes and had just had our first experience in wife swapping. Bill was in his late 50's and was married but his wife was very conservative and was totally opposed to anything to do with porn. So much so Bill had to wait until she was at work or asleep to watch his movies.

We had been talking about how expensive it was to buy these movies, not to mention the inconvenience of having to drive that far just to find them. We exchanged information and planned on getting together and maybe trading a few movies. About a week later he came over to our house and brought several movies. We had to do it at our house because of his wife. We traded a couple of movies that day and got together several more times over the next couple of months. Then on one of our meetings we got to talking about the possibility of making copies. Then instead of us trading, we could both have copies of all the movies. The next week he brought his VCR over and we tried it. And it worked better than we'd hoped. The copies looked just as good as the originals.

Soon we were getting together once a week making copies. We watched the movies as we copied them and were getting to know each other. And I'd learned he really got off on young girls, And we both really liked seeing girls in garter belts & stockings. I'd also found out his wife wasn't very much into sex. They had sex maybe once a month and that was always missionary position and nothing else. And she absolutely refused to try oral sex or anything else and there whole 30+ year marriage had been like that. And watching a girl sucking a guy off really turned him on. And he had confessed that over the years he had on a few occasions paid to get a blowjob from hookers when he'd been out of town.

Our movie collections had really started to grow and he'd told me about a friend of his who was in the same situation as him who had a lot of movies that if I was interested he could invite to join us in making copies. And he assured me his friend would be very discreet which we'd already agreed was of utmost importance to both of us. So we agreed to invite him to join us in the next couple of weeks. Up until that day Bill had always been gone before Lynn got home from work. But she got home a little early that day. She was wearing a fairly conservative dress and heels since she'd just left work. But at 19-yo 5-8, 110lbs and a sexy 34D-24-35 with long red hair, she still looked hot no matter how conservative she was dressed. I thought his jaw was going to hit the floor when she pulled off her heavy winter coat. I introduced them and the first thing he said was maybe we should turn off the movie not wanting to offend her. An was surprised when she assured him it was OK that she enjoyed watching them too.

Over the next couple of weeks all, he could talk about was how lucky I was to have such a sexy wife who was open-minded and didn't get offended by porn movies. And he would start getting more specific about how hot she was, like commenting on her long sexy legs. Then apologized. But I told him it was fine I liked the fact other guys appreciated how sexy she was and noticed what a hot body she had. He started asking things like if she liked oral sex and things like that. But didn't get crude about it. Around this time his friend I'll call Tom had started to join us in making copies and Bill would go on & on about what a beautiful & sexy wife I had. And one day ask if I had a picture of her I could show Tom. My first thought was to get one of our photo albums of my wife nude. But I instead got a nice portrait of her. The rest of the afternoon all they could talk about was my sexy wife.

That night I told Lynn and she really got turned on by there comments. I told her about my thinking about letting them see nude photo's of her and said I knew they wouldn't tell anyone. But that I wanted to check with her first. Which I already knew she wouldn't mind. Because Lynn was very into exhibitionism and it seemed to excite her more if the guys were younger or much older than us. Saying they seemed more appreciative and their reactions really turned her on. I was expecting for her to tell me next time they were there to show them some nude pictures of her. But instead she asks if I thought they'd enjoy seeing the real thing. And before I could say anything she asks if it would turn me on to see her getting naked for two old men? I'll admit the thought of them seeing my hot young wife naked in front of them turned me on like crazy. And I could tell it was turning her on too.

So we decided that Lynn would put on a little show for them one day soon. The next week they were still talking about how lucky I was and how sexy Lynn was. So Lynn arranged to take the day off the next time they were to come over. She spent the fixing up her hair, painting her nails etc. She got the outfit together she was going to wear and had everything laid out and ready to go. But banned me from the bedroom wanting to surprise me as well. She left before the time for them to get there and waited until she knew we'd be in the middle of a movie until she came back. She pretended to have gotten off of work early. She was wearing a wrap around dress & spiked heels that was actually a little sexier than she'd really wear to work. After introducing her to Tom she asked if we'd like something to drink? And she left the room to get us 3-beers. As expected Bill started asking Tom if he'd been exaggerating about how hot my wife was. But they were both complete gentlemen in front of her.

After bringing back the refreshments she left the room to go upstairs. And as if it were a second thought I told her she'd gotten a package that day and that I'd left it upstairs. She asked if it was what she thought it was an I told her I thought so but I hadn't opened it. Then suggested her let us see it. She acted surprised and ask if I was sure? Sounding a little confused, but said OK kind of reluctant. So I told her it was OK we were all adults and it wasn't something they'd never seen before and that they were discreet and wouldn't tell anyone. She with the sound of reluctance said OK as long as they don't tell anyone.

I told them it was an outfit she'd ordered and I laughed and said I don't know why she's so reluctant you see stuff like this hanging out for all to see in every department store. And said I guess she just doesn't want people to know she buys sexy lingerie. And the conversation went to how you were seeing things in stores and in tv ad's that you use to only see in the back of magazines. As we wait for Lynn to bring her package down and show us what she'd ordered they go back to the subject of how lucky I was and talking about there wives only buying long gown's that didn't show anything. And when they ask what she'd ordered I said I wasn't sure she'd just said it was from Fredrick's of Hollywood and she couldn't wait to wear it out sometime.

So a few minutes later she comes down dressed just the same with a package in her hand. And she says and you're sure its ok if I show it to them? I say sure were all adults and ask what the heck she got. And the show began. She stepped in front of us and lays the package down. And to our guest surprise, she reaches down and starts to untie the belt on her dress. And I'm acting equally surprised as she turns her back to us and starts to slowly slide the dress off from her shoulders and then uncovers her back. Where you can see she's wearing a black bra. Then as she opens it sliding it further down you start to see her sexy ass. Now you can see she's wearing a skimpy pair of black thong panties that looks more like a black shoestring between her sexy ass cheeks. You're also starting to see she's wearing a sexy black garter belt. Then you see her sheer black silk stockings come into view.

It's now so quiet you could hear a pin drop and our two guests are on the edge of the couch there eyes and mouths hanging wide open. She drops the dress beside her and stands there for a moment. Then slowly turns.

To hear the rest wait for part Two...

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  • I wonder if she is going to start dancing and taking dollar bills between her tits?

  • Nah, I think we’re good. Thanks, though.

  • ???????????

  • Yep..... i think i had a birthday pass me by before finishing part lame... i mean part one.

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