I love when men stare at my boobs.

I love when guys stare at my chest when talking to me. I have F size tits, carmel colored skin, 5”5. It turns me on so much. When I get home I rub my clit until I cum.

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  • Slut!;)

  • You need to show us

  • Do you wear revealing tops?

  • I love it when men stare at my body. I hate the current fad of guys not openingly checking a girl out. I like being cat called and my ass grabbed when I'm at the bar. All my girlfriends act like it is the worst thing in the world or disgusting but I love it.

    I love being oogled and groped. I go home and masturbate to the thought. Or go home with thd guy brave enough to be forward. I love it.

  • Perfect ;)

  • I'd love to grope a young fit ass at the bar stare at your tits fondle you then take you home and fuck you so hard x

  • Do you ever find yourself sharing more of your tits than you thought you would? I find it starts with me wanting attention, going out with a revealing top, then I’m pulling my tit out of a stranger’s mouth in the parking lot.

  • You sound like a really sexy girl x

  • Nice my daughter has E tits huge I look hope she gets excited when she sees me looking x

  • No she just thinks you're disgusting.

  • Fuck you dumb cunt. Just because no one wants to fuck your mangey pussy

  • Tell us where to view them.

  • Wtf is with the last comment?

  • Wtf is with you?

  • Well, this is "naughty posts" where you are invited to "tell" so why not also "show".

  • I think it was a comment back to the dad who stares at his daughter's tits

  • I'd be sitting at the front of the class for that "Show and tell" 🤤

  • The view would be just as good at the back of the class, and that way no one can see you 'enjoying' the show.😉🍆✊💦

  • I, too, would love to find out how I can stare at your bosom beauties!

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