My wife and Andrew

I have a confession. I was able to convince my wife to make out with Andrew a young military guy we met at a bar.
We all had beers together and I saw his cock at the urinal. This was Friday and then as mdh again Saturday which I told my wife how I think he was the one and she easily agreed. We fucked hoping we could get it to happen and long story short we did. My wife or Andrew have no idea how I wanted so bad to play with his fat uncut cock. When she saw it she looked over at me and smiled.
I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock.
Deep down inside I wished I was her getting to hold and suck it. He made me look really small and I was dripppin wet just watching it go in and out of it.
It was hard for me to keep my mouth shut and not say what i really wanted.
They kissed like lovers and her moans were the deepest sexiest moans i had ever heard. His cock was dripping from her thick cum and I wanted so bad to clean them both up. He made me feel useless and he made her cum so hard and it immediately made me shoot off without even touching myself.
I have been the only person my wife has had In 23 years and that means no dildos etc. it was hard watching him fuck her so much deeper and longer than anytime I had ever. After it was over we drank and we talked about how she enjoyed it.
I really really think it was the beginning of her falling in love with him. His cock did things to her pussy mine has never.
He was slow and very rough but he knew how to use it and last and she loved it.
When we came back to Texas she asked me to buy a dildo similar to Andrews. 8.5 and now she wants me to fly her to California or fly him here. He’s on leave from the military again in May.
It’s just been amazing how a big cock can change a woman. She’s 46 and he was 19 but now she’s been working out and turning heads everywhere.I think she’s ready to make him a regular

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  • My girl is ready to have sex with another guy and me

  • Hi Buddy I really hope things are going well for you, take things easy and you will find you can have a great marriage and have your wife take a younger well hung stud as well.

  • Appreciate it, the other day we were talking and this was brought and she pretty much affirmed me she just wants to spice up the sex for us. No plans to take it any further and I should feel free to enjoy and just be happy

  • That is just so good, all the best

  • She will divorce you and take all your money and house. Let her go now before it’s too late and you lose it all.

  • Hey buddy how are things progressing ?

  • I have agreed to let it happen again. This time she more than willing for it to happen.
    We talk about him during sex so much now.
    I can clearly see why women can easily fall for a guy with a huge cock especially when he knows how to use it and can make her cum over and over. I am going to get a hotel room for him so we can go to his place for them to meet. Guys are really starting to see how much hotter she is but she told me she belongs to Andrew and only wants him.
    I wish I could video and take pics but she will not allow me to

  • My wife has a toyboy it keeps her so young and vibrant, we have a granny flat down the back yard and they stay their whenever they like, I really don't mind sex with her has just been so terrific since it started, he is no competition has a smaller penis than I just an ordinary job but she loves the attention, particularly going to the gym with him and showing off at shops

  • Could be a fantastic situation, certainly get her over or him over you have to ensure they stay interested so give them both every opportunity, it will be so great.

  • She’s entirely into him. She loved everything about him. He’s tall, fit and of course has a huge cock. She continually ask me about lingerie she’s buying what would he like

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