I want it..

I want to be a victim of pedophilia..I've liked the idea of it since I was 5. Just the thought of it makes me wet.



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  • I started fooling around with my next door neighbor's daughter when she was 5. I was 14. She used to let me see her panties by either sitting with her legs open or just pulling up the front of her skirt. I also showed her my panties. I loved wearing mom's but they were to loose on me, so I saved my allowance and went to a near by dept. store and would buy my own. One of the sales ladies figured out what I was up to and asked me if they were for me and then told me that she liked the fact I was buying my own. She would give me "damaged" pairs that had the packages torn or ripped, so I got a lot of free panties. I'd let her watch me try them on in the changing rooms. My neighbor's girl loved seeing me wearing panties as did her 6 yr old brother. They would bring their friends over & I dress up for them. Then she began letting me finger her, and as I did she'd start moaning and she'd tell me how wonderful that felt, and then I'd play with her brother's hard dick. By the time I was 17 I was licking her vagina and sucking her brothers penis. I loved doing them as much as they loved my doing them. As she grew breasts she let me feel and suck on them too. We did this until she was 13 and they moved away. I loved sucking her brother's penis and letting him shoot his hot cum all over my face. We'd get together for a couple of hours each day after school and I loved dressing up for them and their friends. She called me 2 yrs after they moved away telling me her family was going to be in town for a few days and she wanted to get with me. That's another story altogether. I hope this gets your pretty pussy dripping wet.

  • 5 is real nice wish I knew u then

  • 155chan.gr

  • Troll bait

  • Well, if your now 18+, your wishing for the impossible.

  • No, I wish I was.

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