I became a halfway house cocksucking slut

I had to spend some time in a halfway house before I was released and i lived in a 40 man dorm. My bunk mate was friendly and after a few days we started talking about our sexual encounters. He was wrapped up in a blanket as it was winter and cold in the dorm. He was wearing a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. As we talked he kept reaching in the blanket. He was telling me about some of his relationships with older guys. He also liked talking about kids too. Then he opened up the blanket. As we talked I glanced over at him and I saw that he had exposed his penis thru the leg of his shorts. He looked at me and smiled. I'd never had a man expose himself to me and honestly he had a beautiful cock. I was very attracted to it and couldn't take my eyes off it. He asked me if I liked seeing his cock and I told him I loved his penis and how much I was attracted to it. As he became hard he began flexing his boner for me. What a turn on watching his cock jumping around. I sat closer to him so I could get a better look at his penis. Then he asked me if I would like to hold it, and he took my hand and placed it on his throbbing cock. I loved it and began jacking him off. I then told him how much I loved wearing women's underwear, and that really turned him on. He was moaning about how that would really turn him on, and that he was close to coming. I learned really close to his cock and told him I wanted him to squirt his hot cum all over my face. Soon he did just that...I couldn't believe how much I loved that. After he had cum all over my face, I took the head of his cock and smeared his cum all over my face and mouth. I was in heaven and blew my own load.
From then on I was his cocksucking slut... I couldn't get enough of his dick. Frank knew a tranny and he brought her over so I could service her, and she agreed to help me get some lovely pink brief panties and a pair of black thigh high stockings after jacking her dick and sucking her 36 B tits. Later I was wanting to suck Frank's cock so he put a blanket on his top bunk, so it would hand down and give us some privacy. As I was gobbling Frank's gorgeous cock, someone came in and pulled the blanket aside, and then as he saw what was happening excused himself and began to leave. Frank told him he could stay and watch if he wanted to. Soon a couple of his buddies joined him. This was a real turn on for me. I was sucking my first adult cock, in front of several people. When Frank blew his load all over my face, all the bystanders wanted to know if I'd do them as well. How could I refuse. For the next few hours I sucked each of them off. Soon word got around that if anyone wanted a BJ or simply jacked-off to come and see me. That night Frank crawled in bed with me wanting to mount my virgin ass. He did and that was the most amazing thing I have ever felt...him filling my bottom with his hot cum.
The next day I spent servicing all the residents of the dorm, sucking their clocks or giving them hand jobs. That afternoon the tranny delivered to me, my lingerie. She even found me a nice silky bra that fit me. I would parade myself around the dorm wearing only my lingerie and everyone wanted their dicks sucked, or to fuck me. While someone was fucking my ass I'd give 2 others hand jobs. That night I must have had 10 men fuck my ass, and I'd suck another while I was being fucked. I was hopelessly in love with men's cocks. I still love and prefer women, but I can't turn down a nice penis either. 3 days later I left. I really loved my time there.


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  • God, what I'd give to spend 3 days sucking cock, swallowing cum, and having my ass used like a cheap fuck toy by 10+ men! Wow!

  • Mmmm good boy!!

  • OMG, you are so lucky. Sorry about being in a halfway house but being able to prance around in lingerie and entertain a group of men. I wish I could do that.

  • I wish we could get together and "entertain" each other. I'm stuck in my apt. most of the time and I miss not having any hard clocks to play with, and another guy who loves lingerie would be so cool.

  • Me too.

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