I love my anus played with and penetrated

I have always enjoyed playing with my anus and anal sex, I melted the first time it was licked and touched by someone. I think I started playing with it before my clit, I can remember being very young and in the bath washing myself, I would soap up my rear and just rub it then slide a finger in and out. I do not know why but it sends tingles all thru my genital area when I play with it, I use toys now and several different ones.
When I first started having sex with my future husband he was thrilled when I took out some lube and told him to play with it, I told him what I loved to do then he just took right off with it and has ever since. I love it licked though and the feeling of his tongue plunging in and out is amazing, something that I had never felt before until he did it.
He also started doing something that just makes me orgasm like never before. He will get me good and lubed up then with my knees pressed up to my shoulders he will tease my anus with the head of his cock just pushing it barely inside while he uses a vibe on my clit. The two of those being stimulated together sends me into an orgasm frenzy as I lay there and just pulsate everywhere.

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  • I posted here a while back about my wife opening up to anal, and it came out of nowhere. That was right before Christmas and I think in the ensuing 5-6 weeks we’ve had as much anal sex as conventional sex.

  • I didn’t do anal until I was married. I thought it would hurt and I’d hate it. I ended up loving it, and now we do it all the time. If I’m sitting on my husband’s lap and smiling, I guarantee he’s in my ass. Lol

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