I let a guy suck me

I am in my mid 50's and been married for over 30 years. the last few years have been really tough sexually because my wife is knee deep in menopause and could care less if sex was even discussed. I turned to porn and masturbation as an outlet and this led me to a few sites that had ads, I thought they were fun to read and gave me things to think about while getting myself off.
I read an ad and the guy wanted to just suck, had a photo posted of a plywood box looking set up in what looked like a doorway with a hole in it. I was intrigued to say the least having not had anything around my cock except my own hand in over a year. He wanted a reply with a cock picture along with age and other particulars so I was totally honest with him in my response telling him I had not had a blow job in ages. I got a response back in a few minutes with an address which I mapped and saw that it was in a great neighborhood not even ten minutes from my house. I was conflicted for several minutes but made up some excuse to go to the hardware store.
I pulled up to the house thinking there is no way this is for real but decided to go up and walk thru the garage door anyways thinking to myself that I would not go any further than in the door and if anything looked bad I was bolting. Yeah like that would have worked if I get hit over the head with a golf club.
I opened the door and all was pretty normal looking, two cars in the garage, no real mess anywhere, very organized overall. I looked around and then looked at the doorway into the house, it was just like the picture he posted. I was really surprised and had a warm feeling run thru me and nervously approached, I noticed that the plywood was screwed to something all the way around the frame and it was thick, like an inch thick. I pushed on it a little and it was solid feeling, I could not see any light at all in the hole but I then heard a mans voice telling me glad I came and he was ready anytime I wanted to do it.
I dropped my pants and shorts down and put my cock thru the hole closing my eyes and wondering if it was going to come back out on me. I knew in my mind that this was absolutely the craziest thing I had ever done sexually but I desperately wanted my cock sucked.
I was pleasantly surprised as I felt gentle fingers on my cock stroking it lightly then after a short time I felt his warm mouth sucking my head lightly. He started a great slow sucking taking all of me into his mouth and I felt my balls being massaged with his fingers. I pressed myself harder against the opening and my legs tensed up as his mouth sucked on me harder. I had joked around with him in one of my responses earlier telling him it had been so long I would probably not last a minute and I was beginning to think that it what is going to happen. He sucked on me nothing like my wife ever did, I could not think back to anyone sucking on me like this in my past of only like five women.
It had only been two minutes at the most and my whole cock was still getting sucked deeply into his mouth, the sucking would start with his lips have a short feeling of lightness then the head of my cock would get squeezed and pulled on harder. I was thinking to myself this must be what it feels like to get deep throated and it was amazing. I could feel my orgasm building up, he had told me in the email that he sucked to completion so I pushed against the wall moaning out as I felt the head of my cock pulsating and then he pushed it deep into his mouth holding it there swallowing. I had never felt an orgasm so intense in my life and then to my amazement he went right back to slowly sucking on my whole length while I struggled just to stay upright. I could not take anymore of it and started slowly pulling myself backwards, I looked down at my wet hard cock and he told me if I wanted he would suck me to another orgasm. I stood there wondering if I could even take it and like my cock was in charge I pressed myself against the opening again.
He went right back at it licking and sucking on me lightly for several minutes as I felt feeling never before because this was the first time in my life that I was getting more oral after my orgasm. I stood there for at least ten minutes with his mouth never leaving my cock and just about passed out from my second orgasm as his throat squeezed the head of my cock. I kept myself pressed against it as long as I could after that one and he just licking and lightly sucking on me as I moaned out with pleasure.
I pulled out finally and my cock was still tingling as I managed to get my shorts pulled up over it and tucked back inside my pants. He told me I had a great cock and would I be willing to come back again soon. I stood there thinking about it and he said like tomorrow and the day after that also.
I was standing there pressed against the wall after six days in a row of multiple orgasms each time trying to figure out what this guy gets out of doing this for men. I could not be the only guy he was sucking on daily because if anyone else came here they would surely comeback as I was daily. We had not talked much during the visits but I just had to ask him what he was getting out of this because as much as I was completely enjoying this daily I had to ask him.
He told me he had no idea why he enjoyed sucking cock so much but he always found it to be the most fun thing to do sexually.
So that is my dirty naughty story, I have read dozens of posts on here and finally decided to post something of my own, I still go to his house at least weekly and he still sucks on me with the same intensity as always only stopping when I pull myself out. I cannot believe how lucky I have been to find this but I have never been so satisfied in my entire sex life.


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  • Good for you, sometimes you have to take your pleasure from wherever you can get it

  • This sounds so good to me. I’ve enjoyed giving lots of glory hole blowjobs. I’ve given blowjobs everywhere I could. Always swallowing every drop of cum.
    I enjoy all of the stages a dick goes through in my mouth. Starting off so soft as I lick and suck on the head. Feeling it grow longer and harder as it tries to go into my throat. Licking from their balls to the tip of their cock head. Sucking them into my mouth then taking them into my throat. Feeling that dick throb as it shoots cum into my mouth is my greatest reward. Swallowing all of it, sucking every last drop out of each dick. Feeling that dick shrink, and get soft again inside my mouth as I gently suck and lick the bottom of the head.
    Gently teasing it inside my mouth until they finally pull it out.
    I enjoy sucking cock, and can’t wait until I get to suck another one.

  • Yes, l am a gay male that gives deep throat swallowing blow jobs to sexually frustrated married men. I have about 10 different guys that visit me regularly. I simply love sucking cock as well.

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