She let me fuck it

I was spendin' the afternoon with a woman and she was talkin' about sex. I didn't mind her talkin' about sex but it made my dick hard and she noticed. After a few minutes of her lookin' at my bulge in my pants she said "have you had sex lately?". I didn't want to tell her and the phone rang and she answered it. She was on the phone for a minute and she hung up. I didn't want to ask her who it was so I sat there and she said she has a friend comin' over. She said she has a special surprise for me and I didn't want to ask what it was. A half hour later her friend came to the house and they talked for a few minutes and they asked me to walk outside with them and I did. They smiled and told me that they knew I was the one fuckin' dogs. They took me to the dog and said "why don't you get busy with it right now we want to watch". They whispered softly to me and singin' a dirty song they made up. They were singin' the words "fuck it if your dicks hard fuck it all day long". They stopped singin' after a few minutes and whispered "we know your dicks hard why don't you fuck her instead of playin' with your balls fuck her she's in heat you might like feelin' her warm puss on your hard dick". I couldn't stand there without wantin' to fuck it so bad. I waited as long as I could but they kept makin' me want to do it. After ten minutes they said "pretty please do your nasty thing with it we won't tell". I was standin' behind the dog and I looked at them and I whispered "oh please let me fuck her". They whispered "fuck her good" and I pulled my pants down a little and they whispered "why don't you take 'em off and when I took my pants off they smiled at me and I slid my dick in the dog and fucked for an hour and stopped and pulled out and they said "that's what you needed". I put my pants on and we all went back inside. I spent the night with them.

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  • What’s with all the dog fucking? How many posts did this guy make?!

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