Zombie Sex...

I know this is probably pretty weird but when I was 15 I went to my first party and drank three beers and I was wasted! I had big boobs and long light brown hair and a pretty nice ass so guys were hitting on me all the time but I was totally tense, even being as buzzed as I was...

My ride also got wasted so we had to spend the night where the party was. I was in the basement where the TV was on the couch. I took off most of my clothes and my girlfriend gave me one of her brothers' T-shirts to wear so I had no bra with the big T-shirt and panties. I was pretty buzzed (I had a few more beers) so I laid on the couch and fell asleep.

I was sleeping and had a very sexy dream. I dreamt that someone was sucking on my boobs. I started to wake and realized it wasn't a dream. My girlfriend's brother was sucking on my nipples and I LOVED how it felt! I just pretended to stay asleep and he kept sucking and licking my boobs. It felt so fantastic! I ended up having an orgasm but still pretended to be asleep and Trey (my girlfriend's brother's name I found out later) didn't seem to mind. He then pulled out his dick which was HUGE (I had a boyfriend before and from watching videos on the Internet I knew what average was, and Trey was WAY above average!) and he started fucking my tits! It was SO hot!

He was doing it very slowly and quietly He had his fat dick in between my boobs and was sliding it up and down while pinching my nipples. I had another sleep-orgasm (which he seemed to really like).

The big fat head of his dick was hitting me under my chin, so I "innocently" turned my head so that the head of his dick was kissing my lips. He started pushing his dick up slowly and keeping it against my lips. He stopped fucking my boobs and just kept the head of his dick against my lips. I could feel a sweet wetness (which I found out later was pre-cum) and I opened my mouth just a little. He pushed his dick in my mouth VERY slowly and I LOVED how it felt! He started slowly fucking my mouth. OMG it was SO HOT!

I heard him groan and he started to cum. He squirted once in my mouth but then pulled it away and jerked himself off. I guessed he didn't want to wake me up.

From then on, I've told all my boyfriends that if they want to have sex with me, I have to pretend I'm passed out and they can do whatever they want to me. Some guys got really turned off but some guys REALLY loved it. I'm in my 30's now and it's the only way I can enjoy sex but I LOVE it!

The boyfriend I have now has a HUGE dick and he slaps my tits with it. He fucks my mouth and even comes in my mouth (I'm a veteran swallower now). He loves to fuck me with his beer-can thick dick and I just softly moan when I'm having an orgasm as if I'm drugged but inside I AM LOVIN' IT!!!!!


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  • It's interesting how just one event in our formative years can underpin our subsequent sexuality and fetishes.

  • My boyfriend and I do the same thing except we switch places! Sometimes I'm "passed out" and he fucks me and sucks my pussy and fucks my mouth and the next night, he's "passed out" and I get to play with him. I suck his dick when it's soft and make it get hard in my mouth and then get on top and ride him reverse cowgirl. We love playing this way!

  • Hot. I love being used like that too, it's great you have a partner that enjoys it.

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