My naive young wife got a good fucking

Talked her into going to a swing club and after we checked in, we were given just a white towel each. Into the locker room, we undressed and come out wearing just a towel. We stood within a group of about 25 people, talking and viewing the happenings. I turned to my wife and listened as two different men were talking with her. One of the two men asked me if she was my wife, and I said yes. He told me he paid a prostitute to act like his wife in order to get in to the swing club. Once in, she left; he was in his mid 20's, thin and very horney to fuck married women in front of their husbands, he told me. That excited me and it wasn't long before he gently took her hand, and lead her into the room with all the mattresses. I sat in a corner and watched him give her a good fucking; It wasn't long before she had her first orgasm-each successive one was louder and climbed in pitch. After making her a complete tramp/slut, he left. I looked at her pussy to see how much his cock stretched it and to see if any of his cum was dripping out. Later my wife said he gave her his phone number and wanted to fuck her again on a regular basis either in front of me, or behind my back. The very idea that my wife entertained the thought, aroused and excited me. I liked being shamed and having my wife taken in front of me, while I stood powerless and letting a real man fuck her brains out.

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  • She would be dancing under me moving side to side and taking every inch of by dick

  • Between the time I met my wife and the time I had her panties down and my cock in her was about 45 minutes. Total freaking slut. I love sluts they put out for anyone anytime. They also take care of their number 1 which would be me in this case. Moral of the story if you have to train your wife to be a slut most likely she really is not a true slut just doing the nasty to please you.

  • Hot young naive married women will always get fucked by an alpha male if her husband isn't able to fuck her properly.I know,I preyed on the next door neighbour for almost 2 years before she opened her legs for me.And I can say she loved it and young married pussy is truly the best.So funny I got on with her husband quite well and even shook his hand and so on after my fingers had been inside his wife.I hope she had kissed him on the lips after sucking me off and cleaning my cock after I came in her.Who knows maybe the husband knew and liked it.

  • I wish I was your naughbor, so that you could fuck my wife. You’ll love her young, married pussy.

  • Yes of course she would get fucked and love it too and you would love to watch.

  • Interesting and exciting so how would you have approached me knowing what you read in my comment?

  • Offer a relaxing massage to take the stress away.

  • Went to a swingers bar once. It was in the late 90s. There were no locker rooms or anything. It was kind of cheesy velvet and mirrors everywhere. But there were a few people obviously trying to hide that they were fucking.

  • What's with you men wanting us wives to sleep with bigger guys?I don't get it but its a win win for us.

  • The main reason is that the humiliation turns us on. We want a bigger guy to fuck our wives because she’ll enjoy his dick more than ours. This is genuinely humiliating for us, but we get extremely turned on by it. The more humiliating, the better!

    It’s the pain-pleasure connection. We’re basically psychological masochists.

  • Us guy like to see our wives taking a well hung guys cock or 2 gets us very turned on x

  • Yes my husband likes it,he gets off on it so much,more than actual sex with me. But I'm just curious as to why you guys like it so much?

  • I’m sure some guy at her work is banging her brains out so there. Once a lady gets another good cock in her she can no longer control her urges. Good luck wondering why you ain’t getting any from her

  • Your wife's pussy was so tight around my big fat cock pounded her hard and fast slut she is

  • Was that you who fucked her in the swing club?

  • Fuck my wife next.

  • Wow, should of joined in. I would never just watch

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