Show me how you fuck it

I was walkin' alone and I stopped when I saw a dog in somebody's backyard. I saw a woman sittin' on a lawnchair at the house next door. I didn't think she would notice if I walked over to the house and behind the house and tried fuckin' the dog. I walked over to the house and I didn't think the woman saw me. I stepped behind the house and over to the dog and took my long coat off, that's all I had on that day 'cause I wanted to be a pervert. My dick got hard in less than a minute and I slid it into the dog and started fuckin' . I didn't care if the woman caught me as long as I had my hard dick in the dogs puss. I heard footsteps and I heard a voice and the next thing I knew the woman I saw was standin' behind me. I heard a voice say "what are you doin' ". I continued to fuck and she was standin' so close she tapped me on the shoulder and said "what are you doin'". She stepped around to my left side and saw and she gasped and said "oh my god". I started really fuckin' the dog hard and she gasped and said "oh yeah you're a nasty pervert, fuckin' a dog you nasty pervert". When I came I saw the look on her face. She looked at my dick when I pulled out and she gasped and said "I have to get back inside". I picked up my coat and put it on and walked back home.

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  • If she had called the police, you would have been in prison.

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