My wife and sex

There is nothing I have not done with my wife sexually and she enjoys it all, most of the time in complete ecstasy. We got married pretty young when she was seventeen and I was nineteen, we had dated all thru high school and she begged me to not join the military thinking that once I was gone I would never return. I told her that I would marry her before I left and had always planned on getting married to her.
She wanted to go with me but I explained to her that it would be several months after I left before I even would get to my first assignment. I was not to far off and arrived at my first assignment about a week after her eighteenth birthday. She looked completely stunning walking out of the terminal from her flight, she had worn this summer dress that had a pretty deep front showing cleavage and we hugged and kissed deeply. I was hugging her and she whispered in my ear that she could not wait to get home and have sex.
We were not even in the door a minute and she was undoing the belt on my pants, she was looking around and told me she still could not believe that she was finally away from her family. She kept telling me that I saved her from them and she was never going to go back there again. We made it to the bedroom and she was in this crazed state, I could hardly believe how sexual she was that whole first night and into the next day.
We talked in the afternoon some and she asked me if I could do anything sexual to her right now what would I do? I thought about it for a second then told her I would tie her down to the bed and lick her pussy until she was exhausted. She did not even hesitate as her eyes widened she let out a loud yes, lets do it now! She got right up and asked me if I had rope, I told her not that I knew of, she was looking around the apartment and told me to get up and find something besides rope. I was trying to think of something but just the sight of her wanting this so badly was pretty distracting.
She went back to the bedroom and minutes later had two of my dress ties, she told me come on look around, these will work for my feet but we something longer for my hands. She looked at the telephone cord and pulled on it lifting up and told me this would be great.
I stood there a little stunned yet turned on as she unplugged it from the phone and wall then told me to come on as she walked back to the bedroom. She handed me the ties and said wrap one around each ankle then tie it off to the bed frame, her legs were spread wide with each foot off the edge at the corners. She laid back and put both her hands together above her head and told me tie up her wrists then tie them off to the frame underneath. When I stepped back and looked down at her she was smiling really big and then told me that I was hers to do what I pleased. I licked, fucked and tickled her thru at least two hours of her squirming and screaming out with orgasms and laughter. She kept adding to it telling me to tie a t-shirt over her eyes to blindfold her, I had her mouth taped shut for part of it. One thing that still amazes me to this day is her nipples and how hard she loves them pulled and pinched. When I was licking her I had started to play with them and she told me to pull on them, I did so but she kept telling me harder then told me I will tell you when it hurts just pull on them. They were stretched out two inches and her breasts were like peaks as she finally told me okay far enough, I can roll her nipples in my fingers pinching them harder than I ever would have done and she opens her mouth in pleasure.
She never asked me to stop that first time and we have only improved our bondage gear since then with full upper body harnesses that she gets suspended from the ceiling in and vibrators, dildos and clamps that give her pleasure to no end. I have restrained her to the point of no movement at all and vibrated her pussy to extremes that leave her speechless or teased her for a full hour listening to groan in frustration as her clit is barely touched. She is amazing and truly a sub that deserves worshipping.

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  • Invite your friends over for a real party.

  • Did she tell you how I treated her like a slut and how all my friends used her?

  • Yeah then your alarm went off and your mom yelled down to the basement
    “You better get up Jimmy or you’ll lose another job!”

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