Caught my wife having sex but I didn’t say anything

I came home from work early yesterday, I was feeling sick and left at 10 am. It was MLK day so I had to work but my wife who is a teacher did not. I called her when I left the office but she didn’t answer. When I got home about twenty minutes later there was another car parked at the curb. I walked in and music was playing in the bedroom. I took off my shoes and jacket and was thinking to go to bed. I figured my wife was cleaning or showering and had the music going. I walked to the bedroom and the door was open and I saw my wife having sex with a man, doggy position. It took a few seconds to register in my mid what I was witnessing. I recognized him as a teacher from her school where she’s a teacher. I met him at the Christmas party last month and I thought they were a bit flirty. She also has been staying late and saying she’s volunteering after school mentoring students. I felt something was off, but didn’t let myself worry. I took a recording on my phone so she couldn’t deny it later. I left the house and drove to Starbucks for coffee. I called again after about 30 minutes and again no answer. She called me right back and acted like everything was normal, she annoyed that the dog made a mess and had to get off the phone quickly. I drove home to confront her, the car wa still there. I went for lunch. Then came back, and the car was still there. It was about 1 pm now. I called her and she answered and I said I’m on my way him sick. She asked how close I was, I told her right around the block, she said you should have called sooner, and quickly got off the phone saying, I’ll talk to you when you get here bye. I got home, the car was gone. I walked in and she was in the shower. I asked her what she did and she said she cleaned the house and worked on crafts, the house was a mess. I said, you didn’t make the bed, and I started to make the bed and she said no I’ll do it go lay down on the sofa. I said no, I should lay here on our bed. She said no, go over there and started walking me out of the bedroom. I said, what’s wrong with the bed? Did that history teacher cum on our blankets earlier? She said what are you talking about. I said when you were having sex on our bed earlier with that history teacher, did he make a mess? She said you’re crazy, go lay down. I emailed the video to my email to save it. I looked up the guy and found he is married. I contacted his wife through Facebook and emailed her the video. This emailing went on this morning. This evening is going to be interesting.

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  • Around 10 years into our marriage I receive a frantic phone call from my mother in law while I was at work . She had been calling my wife from the hospital to tell her that her father had been rushed into surgery . I tried calling , no answer so I left work and raced home not knowing what was happening. I run into our house ,run up the stairs into our room and there is my wife sound asleep next to another man in our bed. I woke her up, told her not to say a word, then explained her father was rushed to the hospital and was having heart surgery as we spoke. I told her what hospital and walked out of the room and drove back to work. Her father passed away during the operation and I filed for divorce the day after his funeral. Her brother came to my house telling me he couldn't believe I was so cold as to do that after their father had just died . I informed him of her cheating and actually catching her in the act. He lost it , told me he was sorry for bitching at me then proceeded to start calling his other siblings to tell them what she had done. Her family is quite religious and didn't take her cheating well. She blames me for ruining her life.

  • Sort of sounds like you should back track. I wonder how long she’s been having sex with him? I would have listened to them/her fuck just to her the difference things she said to him in bed or did.
    I once caught my girl fucking a guy she met when I came home early but I suspected something was up prior to me finding out the truth. He lived in our apartment complex and at first he would small talk with us. Then he just stopped even talking to me. I came home one day very early and they were in our bed fucking like rabbits. He was telling her things to convince her only his dick mattered and she was totally into it. He was making her moan more than I had ever. He was a tall ripped black guy.
    When I caught them she was trying to be apologetic but I told her I hope the sex was fun and had she had not done this I would have never known. I dumped her right away and received my college diploma. I saw her a few months later and she looked like a ragged doll.

  • I bet she said get stuffed your too small for anyone anyhow, you need tweasers to get it out of your fly so you can have a little piss, its even too small for you to wank off, and no your not watching us you little perv.

  • You are an idiot

  • Truth hurt's EH ?

  • Good job! Let us know how it all unfolds. Ignore the commenting cucks, they’re losers by definition so their opinions don’t matter.

  • I think your an arsehole, let us know what eventuates but I really hope you get the crap smashed out of you, your just a prick.

  • I don't think you should have sent that video to anybody, your wife is just getting a bit on the side so your probably not a very good fuck or attentive and clearly not keeping it up to her in the sexual department, obviously she is not hurting anybody so why try to fuck everything up for him and his family, I bet your just a small dick and know your totally inadequate but don't want anyone else to enjoy themselves, you need a giant kick in your minature nuts

  • I once fucked my neighbor right outside our bedroom door, listening to be sure he didn’t wake up and catch us. If you caught her that blatantly, oh, she’s been getting it for longer than you think. My husband thinks our youngest are his. That’s how far this can go.

  • Dude don’t leave us hanging! We are keeping a thought for you! Plz update!

  • Let us know what his wife says. My ex-wife was a teacher, and she used to fuck around when she had the summers off and I was at work. Those types piss me off.

  • Interesting is putting it lightly. Be prepared cheaters like clockwork will work at turning this around that it's your fault they cheated.

  • Hey let's see the video man. It doesn't matter anymore they're busted

  • Yep.... broadcast that cheating bitch plz!

  • Sucks but good thing you got the video and sent it to the wife. you should go bang her for revenge and move on buddy.

  • Shit man sorry to hear that. Let us know how you get on dude

  • I hope you win.

  • Wow. Good luck, man.

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