Sibling sex part 1

I was sitting in my bedroom doing my usual gaming habit that I had back then when I was asked one of the most amazing questions by my sister.
"Would you be willing to play around some?", she said in an almost shy voice.
Now if you knew and grew up with her like I did then this would sound crazy because she was the farthest from being shy. She was in cheerleading as soon as it was available to her, gymnastics from preschool until about tenth grade, homecoming queen one year so you get the picture. I do not know exactly what her body measurements were back then but I do remember my dad going crazy at all the attention she was getting from guys. I would guess she was a 32-33 C cup at least and those things were gravity defying. I have to admit I stared more than a few times in the mornings when she would come out wearing just a night shirt and panties.
It was the beginning of summer break for me after my junior year of high school and her second year of college. I was really looking forward to summer break for some reason that year but this was not even on my brain. I paused my game and looked at her then asked what do you mean by play around some?
She told me look, I know this sounds really weird and I do not want to make out with you but I am really, really horny and I do not just want to call up one of my friends and give him the wrong impression. So figured I have not heard or seen you out with any girls so far since I have been back and you must be horny because your a guy. So what do you think?
I took a short breath and repeated what I thought she was wanting to do back to her and she nodded her head up and down. I have to say, I thought for sure when I said yes she was going to call me a sick perverted jerk off but we did not have that kind of relationship at all. I told her sure but what are the ground rules here? I heard her say no making out but what else did she not want to do. She told me just no kissing and we need to use condoms just because it is a smart thing to do. She told me that she was really turned on right now and would I be willing to go down on her without all the other stuff. I asked her in a playful way if she wanted to go to her place or stay at mine?
I walked into her bedroom after she said her place for sure and she was already topless, I had never seen her nude before and her breasts were even more gorgeous than I imagined they would be, her nipples were erect with excitement and when she bent over removing her sweat bottoms I about creamed in my own shorts. I followed her right up onto her bed and as soon as she was on her back I was already over her legs on my hands and knees watching those magnificent breasts settle down.
I admitted to her that I had limited experience having only gone to third base one time in my life so far and I would not have called it a superb performance. She told me no worries I will tell you what I want and what feel good, she even laughed a little bit and told me see this will be a great learning experience for you this summer. I started licking and sucking on her nipples as she closed her eyes and let me do pretty much what I thought was good but after only like ten seconds she told me how she liked them licked and gave me some pointers on not to much suction. She told me to open my mouth wide and apply light suction while running my tongue across her nipple and all around it.
My cock was hard as ever as I made my way down to her waxed pubic area, her scent was amazing as I inhaled it, my first few kisses and licks were met with some light moaning. I dove my tongue straight into her lapping up some of her wetness was tasted really great, she was really warm inside and so smooth. Once again she let me flounder for a bit then started in with some directions, she told me to kiss and light lick the whole outer area and end with gentle circles right around this, she had her fingers pulling back the upper hood and ran her finger over her clit a few times. She told me just lick circles around it for now and repeat over and over.
I did everything really good as I watched her mouth open and close letting out moans and whimpers then she told me to put one finger inside the bottom of her vagina and slowly rub it in and out. She was so wet it felt like my face was in a water fountain, a few minutes later she told me add a second finger then come up to her clit and start circling it again. Once I had her pattern down she told me to not stop anything I was doing and I watched and licked for about five minutes as her body tensed up with her legs spread practically straight out. Her mouth opened up wide and she had her eyes closed then popped them open looking straight down at me, she began panting in little gasps and I felt her pussy contracting on my face and fingers. She let out a long moaning scream almost but more whisper scream than anything, her legs were bouncing up and down then a few seconds later her palms landed on my forehead and pushed me off of her.
She swung a leg over my head and laid there on her side telling me that was unbelievably great, she was still moving around a little bit as I laid there looking at her beautiful ass and a huge wet spot in her sheets. My fingers had clear to white wetness stringing between them and I knew my face had to be shiny. I started kissing her ass cheeks for some reason and ran my tongue into her crack a little bit, she straightened out and was flat on her front side so I got back up on my hands and continued kissing it. She was not telling me no so I began licking deeper into her crack and then felt her anus a few times, she moaned out some and spread her legs out to my arms, I lifted them up one at a time and she responded by spreading them wide. Her anus was pink with lines running into a tight dot, I kissed and licked her cheeks and anus listening to her moan out with pleasure. I tried sliding a finger up to play with her pussy again but she told me she was still way to sensitive for that and then started rolling over and asked me if I was ready for some pleasure myself. I had no idea how to tell her that the head of my cock was soaked with my cum already because this was the best damn sex I had so far in my life and I had ejaculated in my underwear.
She laughed a little bit and asked me why I masturbated, I told her that it was just from all the excitement of this and it being restrained in my underwear rubbing on the bed. She pulled them down and tossed them aside then started licking the head of my cock, she sucked on me in long hard pulls a few times then grasped it at the base. She went back to sucking on it getting it fully erect in not time at all then with it still in her firm grasp waved it back and forth a few times and told me wow, your pretty big. She laughed a little bit and told me she was serious, she asked me again if I had been with a woman yet and I told her no intercourse yet but one of my friends had given me a hand job one night at a party.
She sucked and teased me for around ten minutes then just sucked on the head like she was trying to pull it off of me, I came and she moaned out over and over sucking me like crazy. I was amazed at her talent and wondered just how much studying she was doing up at college.
She finished up and told me that later today she would bring back some condoms and tomorrow we could have some really great fun, she still had my cock in one of her hands and looked at telling me again that she was going to really enjoy this baby.


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  • My sister did the same thing to me, walked into my bedroom on day one of summer break wearing a tshirt and asked if I wanted to fool around. We had so much fun that summer and I do not think I have ever had that much sex on a daily basis again since. We were talking a few months ago and she brought it up again asking me if I regretted the two summers of sex we had together, I told her it was the best sex of my life and she laughed.

  • Would love to hear more

  • Part 2 is coming soon.

  • Not soon enough!

  • Please help to Lilu:

  • Good story and nice experience you had

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