I shared sex pictures and video of my wife on local site

Ok. I’m just a normal guy but I gotta admit that I wasn’t thinking of all the replies to the simple ad I placed to spice up the bedroom. My wife is a professional and we have been taking little videos and pictures of us doing everything naughty in the bedroom. We have been trying to get another guy or three to fufill a fantasy we have been excited about. I decided to try a personal ad that I thought would not reach our small community or there was people that lived here that were looking for something like us. I wrote it up and used a provocative picture of my wife that I had really liked as our header and included a few pictures of both of us faces and other things. The site offers a link for additional content and of course I had to get that as well and countless sexy videos and more pictures.
In the morning after we had over 200 replies and several of them were from people who we knew and in my wife’s case several coworkers and her supervisor. I was shocked and surprised. She was so upset that I didn’t tell her I was doing it and using her face under the heading with breasts exposed may have been a bad idea. She went to work and said that everyone knew about her secret desire and seen her doing things that make most people blush.
I did send a message to most of the men trying to get a excuse for the ad but even the high school kids had seen me and my wife and would wait for my wife to come home and say really dirty things to her.
My brother is a lawyer and he had the ad pulled but the damage was done.
After a few days my wife calmed down and we had a great time with some people who replied. Two of them were her close friends husbands.


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  • I got some of my wife's old sex pics and videos from before we were married.Its my own private porn stash.Her and her ex looked so hot together.He had a big dick and made her moan and orgasm alot more than I can.In fact I would give anything to watch them go at it again,watching her lay there with her legs wide open and him slipping that big cock in her and pounding her brains out till she cums and he shoots his big load deep in her womb.

  • I would love to pound your wife.

  • For real?

  • It’s hot right?

  • Very hot

  • Hey buddy I would love to see them.

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