Nice topless home

I love wearing sexy panties and have done 24/7 for four years, my wife does not mind at all, on warm days we all, my wife, I and step daughter 19, fantastic looker and great body just go around our house in panties and if its warm enough to swim we go in our pool totally nude, I still get a giant hard on watching my wife and step daughter they are both so very sexy but they don't mind me wandering around with my tent pole up as they call it, sometimes my wife and her daughter play a game seeing who is first to grasp my dick and squeeze, great fun and I know my wife wants sex that night.

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  • I love wearing panties and other items of women's lingerie, and you are so lucky to have a wife and step daughter who will allow to wear panties. What does your step daughter say about your wearing panties? I would be trying to get them in a hot 3-some. Or you could start by mounting your wife when all of you are naked in the pool. You are living out my fantasy.

  • If both your wife and daughter are grabbing for your dick, I'd say you have the right to fuck your daughter if she is faster than your wife? Wouldn't you like that? Pounding her pussy, sucking on her nipples, and a whole lotta other stuff?

  • Always looking at my daughters tits huge at 16 swim suit tight tops get so hard

  • I'd like to have a look at them too.

  • Love men looking at her big tits

  • There was always a lot of nudity while I was growing up, I am the only boy of three children and most mornings my mom wore nothing more than a long t-shirt and my sisters did the same. They were all large breasted and even my mom had a really nice ass. This continued until I went off to college and she probably still does it today.

  • My big problem is controlling my hard on, wife and daughter don't take much notice unless they want to tease me, wife reaches around under and grasps my nuts from behind to lead me around the house backwards, daughter has started doing the same, just makes me hornier.

  • Nothing like that, but I grew up naked in the pool too lol

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