Love for panties?

Hi there, I really enjoy women's panties, I consider it to be my fetish. I have a strong desire to want to take a pair out of any one of my friends houses, or a neighbors, or anyone's for that matter, is this normal to be that infatuated with panties?

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  • I did that as a kid growing up. I loved wearing Mom's panties, so when I got summer jobs like watering friend's yards or taking care of pets, I'd always go into their bedroom and check out the lady's panties and wear them if they were a close fit. Of course while wearing in them I'd jack off in them.
    During the summer mom also worked as a volunteer washing donated clothing, so i'd go thru them and pick out any women's lingerie that would fit me. Soon I had a nice collection of panties, control panties, pantyhose or thigh high stockings, short half slips and bras that would fit. Then sometimes I'd invite some of the younger boys and girls in the neighborhood to come over and watch me "dress up in girls underwear". They loved watching me do that and then we'd strip and feel each other out. One time our 20 something maid caught us and she joined in. All the kids loved feeling her out as well. She wanted me to dress up for other maids in the neighborhood and I loved doing that. They'd come over at lunch and I was the entertainment. I loved hearing them giggle and laugh as I dressed up as a girl.

  • You should buy your own, the net is great for plastic, pvc, leather or latex, on some sites you advise your measurements and they are made perfect to size.

  • Took my step daughters panties when we were house sitting God I can hard into her little panties thinking about fucking her x

  • My wife used to let me dress up wearing all sorts of ladies lingerie around the house and in front of my step daughter. She loved seeing me in lingerie and would beg me to lick her 6th grade hairless vagina. I would do so for hours and sometimes my wife would come in and watch me before she joined us. While she'd lick her daughter, I'd go get my 9 year old step son and start sucking his little stiff penis. We all had a lot of fun.

  • Well you should be disgussed with yourself you perverted clown.

  • I was around twelve or so and had my face buried in my sisters panties that she had just taken off before jumping into the shower. I had done this dozens of times after she returned home from practice, this time though I got caught. She had forgotten something in her bedroom for the shower and even though the water was still running she was wrapped in a towel standing in her doorway. "You little fucking pervert" she said to me in a deep scowling voice. I mean, I had her panties flat across my face inhaling her scent, not much I could say to refute it.

  • Did you ever try wearing her panties and creaming them with your cum?

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