My daughter

I have seen my daughter nude. I saw some pics she sent some boys on her phone and when she moved back in here i put a cam in the bathroom. I got a good vid of her striping down and getting in and out of the shower. I masturbate to this all the time. I want to fuck her so bad!

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  • It's all in how you were raised. My wife and I have raised our children to be open and free with there bodies, and not to be ashamed of the. We raised 2 boys and 3 girls, and if they wanted to sit or work around the house semi nude, or totally nude it was perfectly normal. There was never any issues was insest or groping, or indecent behavior. They all turned out fine. All of our children are grown up now, all have great careers, married with children of there own. Don't get me wrong, when my daughters were going through their teenage years, they were nice to look at. However if I started getting turned on, I just went and fucked my wife, she had no complaints.

  • It sounds like you gave your children a healthy lifestyle.

  • You'll have to take out for meal, cinema etc all the things you would do if you were dating someone. Then at some point you'll have to try it on with her.

  • I really don't get this shit of guys seeing their daughters naked and losing their GD minds over it. I've seen many friends daughters naked and think nothing of it more than I do when I see them dressed. Get some control about your selves for gawds sakes. I've ushered a few out the gates of our local club and make sure they are public display for being pervs.

  • Your gay!!!!

  • How old is your daughter?

  • 31 now

  • Well she and you are both legal what you want.

  • I have been in your shoes. It's hard to understand for most people how you can be attracted to your own daughter. Becareful

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