Dating a Nazi

I'm involved with my first serious boyfriend. I dated a couple of guys in high school, but we never got naked or anything. I'm 20 now and this white guy I'm with is really great. He shaves his head, but looks sexy that way, and is 180 lbs of fit muscle tone. He also has a gorgeous penis. It's around 8". The problem is that he is a white supremacist. I'm not sure if I can handle that long-term.

I love his body, how his mind works (though it's skewed, he's smart), and he is really sweet towards me. He writes me poems, gives me flowers, really romantic. His sex drive is crazy. We have sex twice or sometimes three times a day or more. From a sexual perspective, he is all I can handle and could ever want. He's amazing. I don't even think about other guys.

The racism is a little too much though. I've tried to talk to him about it sometimes, but he gets really uptight, so I drop the subject. I was raised in a pretty diverse area, learned to respect all people, and the racist shit from my boyfriend is a little much. I can't really turn a blind eye to it, because we're living together and our apartment has a lot of Nazi shit in it. I'm still friends with non-whites, but I can't bring them over. I'd be embarrassed by our decor.

I really love my boyfriend, but is there any way of making him a little less racist? He treats me like a queen and the sex with him is off the charts good.

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  • If you stay with him he will eventually bring you around to his way of thinking. He gets most all he wants from you now, what would ever be his motivation to change. Leave him, clearly tell him why, and perhaps at some future time, he may come back to you minus the Nazi hate shit.

  • Let him fuck a hot ethnic girlfriend of yours and see if it doesn't change his mind.

  • Honey, this is not boyfriend material, this guy should be strictly there to give you his man meat when you need it.

  • He must be a democrat, they fought civil rights from 1868 until 1964. Until Johnston figured out that he had to keep the black votes. By keeping them on the "plantation" Quoted" With the civil rights bill, I'll have N%%%ers voting democratic for the next 200 years. FDR was openly racist, his new deal to have the southern dixicrats to vote on it. Excluded blacks for most of the action, learn your history. Its all there to see if you spend time to educate yourself.

  • Do I agree with him well certainly not. I don't agree with you either. WTF is it with you females, once they get the guy they want to change him. Usually this starts right after the "I do's" and they have that damn ring they have been chasing. Your just wanting an early start.

  • He's charmed you for sure, but he's not smart. No intelligent person would think that Nazism is a good idea to emulate today. Not just the ridiculous racism; the entire ideology is pretty fucking stupid. Your boyfriend is an idiot and so are you for dating the retard.

  • No intelligent person? Things are changing. You might be surprised. Still, I contend that this change is not good. You may have to make some decisions.

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