Big old dick

Just had a belly full of my old neighbours sperm. Currently laying in bed while my husband is asleep, with the sloppiest stretched fanny ever!

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  • Same as my girl who worked part time in college. The owner of the Co was an older attractive man in his mid 50’s
    My wife said he would always flirt with her when everyone was away. My wife has always been attractive curvy busty female. She had a few boyfriends by then and was getting her fair share of sex.
    One day after everyone had left he grabbed her and told her how hot and attractive she was and he could no longer hold back his urges. He grabbed her hand and put it on his bulge. My wife said she immediately felt his erection. He came up with a story his wife never pleases him.
    After long he pulls it out and my wife says he is extremely huge and it was not fully hard. He pretty much pushed her to her knees for her to suck him. After getting him hard she says he bends her on the desk lifts her skirt and tries to shove it in but slowly. Wife said it took a while but when he was in and pumping her it felt so much better than any previous cock she had taken. She was impressed how he was pounding her and easily outlasted any guy she had ever had. After making her cum multiple times he explodes a huge load inside of her.She said she remembers how his sperm just continued to run down her thigh on the drive home.
    She thought about what had happened all weekend but she somehow loved it.
    This went on for months before she left the company. She didn’t ever tell anyone except for me when we talked about our past. To this day she still says his cock did things to her she has never experienced.
    She can’t believe how his cock had her wanting him over and over and the risk was so hot.

  • Bit old for my liking.I was 18 when I began fucking my 45 year old neighbour.After him and his wife separated I did odd jobs for him then we began fucking.He had a big dick and knew how to use it,not that I had much experience, but I always had multiple orgasms and ended up with a womb full of cum.My parents would've killed me if they knew what I was getting up to just next door.I learned how to suck dick quite well after that though and impressed all the guys I ever got with.

  • I was 14 sleeping with 30 year olds. I was late 20s sleeping with 60 year olds. Now I'm 33 it's 70-80 year olds. My husband is 39 though!

  • Interesting, how is an old man like at it? I have a fantasy to be groped and have my pussy nibbled by a pensioner.

  • Nibbled.Or gummed?

  • Whatever he fancies. The older they are the more they desire. I've always liked the thought of a dirty old man touching my body. I can actually squirt with older men because I'm so turned on by their perversion of my body.

  • Nice love you to be my wife working old guys cocks x

  • Old neighbour?

  • Old indeed. I'm 33 he's 71. Huge penis!

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