Taking nude pictures of me

My boyfriend wanted to take nude pictures of me in a bunch of poses.
I said ok to it and we decided to wait until Friday night to do it.
I got to his apartment,we went out to the bar for a little bit with friends then back to his place, Everyone left except for his best friend so i figured the picture s were not going to happen that night.He said you still going to pose for me tonight ? I said yeah when Barry leaves,he said I asked him to stay and watch.
I was like wtf.. no fucking way..He begged and pleaded how erotic it would be ,
and after about an hour,he talked me into it.
So he got me nude and started taking pictures while Barry sat in a chair.I was embarrassed ,he was looking at my tits and pussy..He had me spread my legs then spread my lips open and took a few shots and said Barry come look at this,I was dying inside,They stood close to the bed and he had me play with myself for them all while taking pics.Rubbing my pussy,fingering it,squeezing my tits .. I came twice during it,felt humiliated and turned on.
I would do it again

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  • May I see some pics of you please lionela.jf@gmail.com email me

  • You know I was a little upset after about a year of marriage and my husband was still looking at porn so I told him what if I posed for you and you could make videos and take pictures of me. He was so into it and I have done anything his imagination has come up with over the years.

  • Excellent. And its fun too

  • What are you going to do when he wants to take pictures of you with his friends, you know having sex?

  • I would suck them while he take pictures,maybe let them play with me nude,thats it .No fucking

  • That's how it starts, slow and easy, just one guy a friend some you know you may even like him, then two friends, maybe a few drinks, then three or four friends and their all fucking you, fucking you while you suck cock and your boyfriend takes his turn with you while he takes lots of pictures.

  • I hope .That would be a secret dream come true.I like we think alike

  • Would you become submissive to him, would you let them gang bang you, would suck their cocks and swallow their cum, would fuck anyone your boyfriend wanted, if he brought a stranger home would you suck his cock, would you let him fuck you?

  • I might do a gangbang . Its not a no. I would not fuck anyone he wanted.
    No strangers. I would give bj's to about 3 of his friends while he watched or took pictures

  • What if he said he loved you and would marry you if you fucked who ever he wanted?

  • Tough question. I would have to find some sort of attraction to the guy .
    I know guys that I'd suck off on a dime,but not marry them.The point is,I love sucking cock,I love the feel of a guy shooting his load in my mouth.Its so hot to me to be able to take a huge load. As far as fucking goes,I might,might,depends on who. I'd have to know him .

  • I take a lot of pics of my wife. Our friend is a photog guy and he did a photo shoot of her. She would not show pink no matter what. Sadly disappointed

  • Its not for everybody . I was deeply humiliated at the time,so I know how she felt at the time. Its tough to do,but in the end,I loved it

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