Watched my stepdaughter get fucked

So iv commented on here plenty comparing my slutty stepdaughter to other etc one being (busty daughter) long story short iv know her year and half, shes 18 going on 19 and dresses like a right dirty slut, i love her fuck me heels and the tight dresses, little leather skirts she wears and will admit iv wanked over her heels, boots, skirts and knickers loads, cropped a feel of her ass on new years when she got so drunk she passed ot etc. now her mother was away at her granparent this weekend, friday night i drop her off in town again and told her i wont bring her back as i have leave for work at 4am, last min txt from my boss once im home its 6am now so before my alarms go off i hear her come in, didnt think much about it until i hear a few bumps and crashing around at 4.30am. i go for a piss an hear moaning, a mans moaning. and i think “has she brought a guy back?” yep after creeping down the stairs i peer through the living room door to see some guy sat in my chair with her head between his legs sucking him off. the house is dark but i can see her arse in the air ass she is sucking this random guy off, now instead of interrupting, i was hard so i watched and wanked myself as she then climbed on top of him, took her top and bra off and rode his cock right there in my chair, hot as fuck it was but it only got better. he then picked her up and spun around laying her down legs wide open and started fucking her hard, i couldnt see her face then but only her legs with her slutty big chunky ankle boots waving in the air as he fucked her. i wanked myself off wishing to be him fucking her as i could hear her moan and groan as he fucked her harder and harder. next he picked her up and bent her over, started fucking her from behind and then pulling her hair and she loved it. all i could think was i wished that was me fucking her tight body, over the arm of the chair now, i could see some boob and her arse cheeks as he slammed himself into her, i doubt he was wearing a condom, he was clearly older than her by quite abit, maybe 30, all tattooed up aswell. but it was too much for me as i wanked myself too much i picked up one of her other shoes in the hallway and blew my load into it. after i was done i looked back in there and she was still getting fucked. i watch them move onto the living room floor as he carryied on fucking her. so hot


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  • He will want to fuck you too x

  • I got caught by my stepdad, with my stepbrother! He didn’t freak out or anything though. And it was kind of hot. I don’t know how long he had been watching.

  • Cool dud it turn you on knowing your dad was watching you fuck

  • Did anything happen yet with your dad?

  • Sounds so damn hot, never had any kids but can only imagine how hot it must have been. Make's me think back to a experience right after we got married when my dad, one of his friends and his friends' grandson accidently walked in on me and my new bride. She's on the bed in only a garter belt, stockings, and heels. On her hands & knees, her firm 34D tits hanging down as I'm behind her standing at the end of the bed my 81/2 in cock pumping in and out of her tight little ass. Now that I'm older I can imagine the thrill he must have gotten seeing his sexy little 18-yo daughter in law being fucked in the ass like that.

  • Cumming on tight shirt leather skirts and studded high heel boots x

  • Any more about your slutty daughter and her tight leather skirts have you cum on any more of her clothes I'm doing the same love seeing my cum dripping off her 6 inch heels

  • Any word from the guy who was taking his step/ daughter on holiday to give her sexy lingerie???

  • Its not me in afraid but looking forward to him telling all about it, i wish i could be in his shoes with my stepdaughter

  • Oh i managed to get hold of her phone and sneak a look at her pics and messages, so fucking hot, such a nasty slut she is, iv seen naked shots and nasty sexting. she is such a nasty slut!

  • Step dad here similar slutty daughter love shoes bra and panties no issues shooting my load over anything slutty she wears x

  • Next day i grabbed those slutty chunky ankle boots, wanked off over one while sniffing the other, shot my jizz all over them both, look forward to seeing her wear them again

  • Cool I'm gunna jizz all over her red high heels tonight

  • Nice love to fuck that slutty tight pussy every guys hot fantasy x

  • Oh i would give anything to have a go fucking that tight young pussy

  • She a good screamer when her pussy gets pounded x

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