(fiction) a woman with a dick

Susie was out one day by herself and she was shopping for jeans. The women noticed Susie acting
like something was the matter. One of the women walked over to Susie and asked if she was okay and Susie said "yeah I'm okay" and she asked where the changing rooms were and the woman said "in the back". Susie walked to the back and went into the changing room. A minute later she said to herself "I need to Jill off bad" so she
unbuttoned her jeans and unzipped and pulled them down a
little. Her dick got hard and she started jilling off. She heard a knock on the changing room door a minute later. The woman asked if
Susie is okay and Susie said "yeah".
Susie was jillingoff for almost an hour and she was ready to shoot a load all over the wall. A girl walked in and saw Susie and she looked and Susie smiled at her and continued jilling off. The girl asked Susie "what are you doing?" and Susie said "I'm jilling off" a few minutes later Susie came hard and
her cumshot hit the girls face and Susie giggled and the girl looked at Susie and smiled. She asked the girl if she had a dick and the girl said "yeah but mine's bigger than yours". Susie said "show me" and the girl lifted her skirt and showed Susie her dick. It got hard and the girl said "I need to Jill off bad now".
Susie said "Jill off" so the girl started jilling off for an hour and she smiled when started coming. She came and her cumshot hit Susie face and Susie giggled and the girl said one more lift your shirt. Susie lifted her shirt exposing
her huge titties and after a few minutes the girl came again and her cumshot hit Susies titties and Susie rubbed the girls hot come all
over her titties and the girl pulled down her skirt and Susie pulled down her shirt and they looked at each other and Susie pulled her jeans up zipped up buttoned them and they both walked out together.

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  • Paskia you can kiss 95% of my ass.

  • At least you had the decency to admit this was fiction, unlike 95% of the other posters on this site

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