I am married and wear my own panties 24/7

I am a married man in my 50's and I love to wear panties 24/7. I only buy, and wear my own panties. I love the feel of panties and love how it makes me look femmy and sexy in them. My wife knows that I wear panties and she is ok with it but, would much rather i be a man a real man and wear men's underwear but, she deals with it. I also have a baby doll nightie in my closet and long skirts and short skirts and blouses and my own make up and clog heels. I am also bisexual and have been with two men so far wearing my panties in front of them and My neighbors have seen me swimming in our pool in pink silky panties and when i have gone to the doctors they have seen me in panties. I love to be submissive and please others and would love to pose for pictures and videos.

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