First time sex with mom

This started when I was a young teenager in High School. My mother and Dad had recently divorced and to be honest, I was quite happy. I was living full time with my mom and out bedrooms were next door to each other. I remember many times over the years, I would hear her and dad having sex and I would masturbate listening. Like many boys, I developed a sexual attraction to my mom and fantasized many times of being with her. There were many times after the split, that I would take every opportunity to pick at her in a playful manner which at times would end up with the two of us wrestling around with each other on the couch or floor. I also remember that any time I had the chance to, I would try to sneak a peak at her body nude. Many times I was able to get a peak at her in the bathroom from a small hole in the door. This was so arousing seeing her naked body. She had small breasts, but very perky nipples, and a hairy pussy. Each peaking session ended up in a good jerk off session for me.
A few months after they split, I can remember hearing her moving around a lot in her bed at night, and I often wondered if she was horny and masturbating. Those thoughts always led me to a good jerk off session with loads of cum all over myself and the sheets. I know that she was aware that I jerked off in bed as she always did the wash and there was always cum stains on my sheets.
On this particular night, I remember hearing her moving around in bed a lot as was I. It was a warm night, and I was laying in bed with the covers pulled down in my underwear. I was rubbing my cock through my underwear when all of a sudden, my mom appears in the doorway of my room and starts walking toward my bed. There was no door to my room. The lights were all out, but there was a Vapor Light that was always on at night time outside my window, and I know that she could see me touching and rubbing my cock through my underwear. As she came closer to me in my bed, she asked if I was having a restless night also and a hard time getting to sleep. I said yes and asked if she was also? She also said yes and asked if she could lay down in my bed with me and we could talk for a while. I said sure and she did so.
She slid close to me. Close enough that her legs were touching my right leg. She only wore a short nightie and a small pair of panties. She started out asking what was going on in my day to day life, and if I had a current girlfriend. I told her that I was just hanging out with my friends, playing ball, and that no I did not have a current girlfriend. Not that I wasn't looking, but there was no one at that time that interested me.
At that point, she asked me if I had ever done anything with a girl besides kissing, and had I ever touched a girl sexually? I said kind of. She said, kind of? Next she said just where had I touched a girl. Had I touched her breasts, and I said yes. She then slid her right hand to my lower stomach and began rubbing softly and slowly under the elastic at the top of my underwear, which was really arousing me. Next, she told me to show her how I touched a girls breasts and with her free hand placed my hand on her left breast over top of her nightie. I gently rubbed her breasts and then she slid my hand inside of her nightie so I was touching her bare breast. She told me to rub and play with her nipple, that girls like that a lot and it makes them feel good, which I was more than happy to do.
With her right hand still inside of the elastic of my underwear and rubbing ever so slowly lower and lower, she asked me if I had ever put my hand inside of a girls panties and I again said yes. She asked if the girl liked it when I touched her down there to which I answered yes. Then she wanted to know if a girl had ever touched my penis inside of my pants at which time she slid her hand down to my very hard cock, sliding her hand up and down my shaft making me slightly moan. I told her yes, and she asked if I liked it, and did the girl rub it like she was? I said yes, up and down, just like that.
At that point, she moved my hand from her breast and slid it into the top of her panties and said show her how I rubbed a girl's pussy. All the while still rubbing my cock with her other hand. I slid my hand down to her pussy lips and separated her lips with my index finger and began sliding my finger up and down her pussy which was incredibly wet. She moaned and said mommy likes that a lot. Then she used her hand and pushed my finger inside her pussy and she really started to moan and move around.
Next she pulled her hand out of my underwear and told me to take off my underwear which I did. At the same time, she also removed her panties, and then placed my hand back on her pussy pushing 2 of my fingers inside of her telling me to finger her fast and hard. She also placed her hand back on my cock and began jerking me off furiously. She used her finger to rub her clit as I fingered her. Within a few minutes, we were both ready to cum. She started thrashing around, moaning, saying finger me harder, harder, at which time she started cumming. At this point, I blew a big load of creamy cum all over her hand and myself. We both laid there catching our breath for a few moments. She then asked if I enjoyed that, that she had. I also said yes, that I had enjoyed that very much. She kissed me tenderly on my lips and said that we should probably get some sleep at which time we both drifted off to sleep in my bed.
When I woke up in the morning, she was up, dressed and making breakfast. She asked if I slept well to which I answered yes, very well. We both ate and went about our day. Neither of us said anything about the night before.
That night after dinner and showers, we watched a bit of tv before going to bed. At bedtime, I headed to my room, and right behind me was mom. She asked if I would like some company again tonight to which I said that I would love it. Once in bed, she snuggled up to me with her body pressed firmly against mine. I was hard instantly just from her body against me. She asked me if I enjoyed kissing and I said yea, I liked it a lot. With that, she leaned her head over to mine and planted her lips against mine. Within a couple of seconds of kissing, I opened my mouth and darted my tongue toward her mouth. Her mouth opened and we were French kissing passionately. At this point, she moved her body over on top of mine as we kissed and she was rubbing and humping herself against my body and my cock with her pussy. A few seconds of this, and we were both ready for some real action. She moved off of me and said lets get everything off which we both did. She then got back on top of me, in the 69 position and started to suck my cock. I instinctively started licking her pussy and suck on her clit, She was so wet and she soon came all over my face. When she came, I shot my cum down her throat and she swallowed it all. After a few minutes of holding each other, I was getting hard again and started touching her all over again. Before long, we were both ready to go again, and this time I took over by getting on top of her, pushing my legs between hers spreading them and sliding my hard cock up against her wet pussy. It did not take much of a push to slide it into her to which she moaned loudly. She moaned yes fuck me, do it to me baby. I then pushed all the way up into her and started to fuck her like I had always wanted to. After cumming earlier, I was able to last a nice long time, bringing her to 3 orgasms for sure before I came inside of her. This was the best feeling that I had ever had, and I loved it.
Our night time meetings, and daytime ones as well continued over the next few years until I left home for the army. After some time, I did marry and mom went on and started dating once in a while. Over the next several years we would still get together for some fun now and then when we could find some time alone. It has been a while now as we both are much older, but we both still have those memories of just how good it was and how much we enjoyed it. I loved it!!!!!


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  • When your mother gets into your bed, there is only one thing she wants, and that is some good hard fucking. I love it when my mother rides my cock. I watch her pussy going up and down on my cock. I watch her tits bouncing and I can help but reach up and start fondling them. She leans forward so I can suck on her hard protruding nipples. I hear her breathing heavy, moaning, calling out my name as I buck up hard against her. Just as my mother is having her orgasm I begin pumping sperm into her pussy, a stream with each convulsion.

  • Sex between a Mother and son is totally fantastic.

  • The idea of a son filling his mom's pussy full of his seed is so hot. I love mother/son incest stories. The only thing that would have made it hotter was if mom let her son wear all her silky lingerie as he made love to her.

  • Mom pussy can't beat a son filling his mom with his seed x

  • Great story. Got me hard

  • Let me see those tits mom. You are so wet I'm going to put my hard dick into your pussy. I can't believe I'm fucking my mom, but your pussy feels so good around my cock.

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