Married but I NEED ass!!!!

I’m married. I know that is supposedly to be the line you don’t cross. My wife isn’t into anything anal and that is my biggest turn-on.

There is nothing sexier than the curves of a woman’s ass. There is nothing more erotic than anal. And there is nothing more taboo than eating a tight ass.

I haven’t acted on it but I need it bad. I hate to admit it but if there was a woman near me (Seattle) that loved ass play...I would not hesitate. I need ass!!!!!!!

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  • I tried it many times with my wife. I know she loves but always rejected. I met a lady on a trip and we had drinks. We opened up and she invited me to her room. We wound up kissing and before you know I had a finger in her ass then I positioned myself and she welcomed me with passion. I was in heaven and couldn’t hold back and came inside of her.
    Next evening it happened again.
    She admitted her husband would never try it and her boyfriend in college turned her on to it and it was such a coincidence we both love it. I’m sorry but I couldn’t help myself

  • I completely understand! I can't blame you. How could you pass on what you love?

  • It took 30 years for my wife to let me have her ass. But since she came round I have it at least once a week.

  • Your like me. I can’t keep my eyes off a nice tight round ass. The younger the better they are being built and guys these days aren’t paying them the correct attention

  • Don’t cheat or step out. Maybe she’ll come around. My wife did:

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