Horny vespa scooter ride

Im a 24 year old guy. I have been getting a lift on a vespa scooter from a female neighbour friend for the last few weeks as my car is out of action. The saddle is fairly short and she has a fairly big ass so when i get on behind her I am squeezed up against her bum. Every time i ride with her i get a raging erection behind her on the bike. Its very embarrising especially when i need to get off the back of the vespa and i have a big tent in my jeans. This woman is about 25 years older than me but still good looking if a bit over weight. She always wears a lovely figure hugging leather jacket on the vespa which feels lovely when im holding onto her on the back of the bike. I dont know if i should tell her i get horny when riding with her....i reckon its only a matter of time before she cops it. What should i do? Its going to be weeks before i can affort to get my car fixed.

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  • Im a girl with a Vespa and can relate to this story, I have had a few guys get hard riding with me, they get all embarrassed but I love it. What I bet they don't know is that the vibrations can be pretty arousing for me too. Not always, but chances are if they have a boner I'm pretty wet to lol. Laura

  • Hi Laura, thanks for your reply to my post and for the insight into how you enjoy it too! Has me wondering now about my neighbour now and if she really knows the affect being on the vespa behind her has on me and if shes secretly enjoying it?
    I have noticed recently when im on the vespa with her that she seems to be doing a lot more bouncing/moving on the saddle. Every time we stop in traffic or at lights she'll kind of give a bounce on the saddle and shift from one foot to the other and re-position her bum. Becasue im so close behind her she is basically grinding up against my errection!

  • Chances are you are reading too much in to it, but you never know. When I get horny I kinda start grinding whatever I'm sat on, almost subconsciously, I caught myself doing it on a train seat the other day, got embarrassed and looked up to see if anyone had seen me. Anyway enough of me, she may be moving on the seat because she is arroused is the point I am making, she may even be thinking of the man pressed up behind her, knowing only a couple of layers of clothing separate her and an erect cock, and without them she could slide back and let it slip in to her, satisfyingly this urge brought on by the vibrations. Alternatively she may just have her underwear caught up her bum, and she's trying to free it at the lights without you knowing.
    Not sure how you can know really. When you get off are you still hard? If so has she noticed? If she has and is aroused then sorry I doubt she fancies you or she would have picked you up :)
    (Well I would if I was horny and fancied the guy)

  • Hi Laura,
    Yes when i get off the back of the vespa, I'm still hard, but I dont think she has ever noticed as i hop off first, and then she reverses the vespa into a motorbike parking space to lock it up. She would be concentrating on reversing the bike so wouldnt really be looking at me and i always kind of turn away from her so she cant see the big bump in my jeans! By the time she has locked the bike and taken off her gloves/helmet etc, my boner has gone.
    Im thinking i might deliberately let her see im hard and see what her reaction is. Shes a good bit older than me so probably thinks that im not into her, but is damn sexy and id love if she got horny on the vespa too!

  • Flirt with her, don't just show her your boner, talk about the sensations from the bike, joke they are arousing, see what she says. I hope it goes well and you hook up with her.

  • Hi Laura, i have actually gotten my car back so im not getting a lift on the back of vespa anymore. But the good news is, when i told her i didnt need a lift anymore she said "oh thats a shame, i was enjoying having you on the bike with me"! And then she suggested we should go for a spin at the weekend so we are not just commuting to work and that it would be more enjoyable!
    So im meeting her on saturday and we are heading off on the vespa for the afternoon! Cant wait. I'll let you know how i get on!

  • Well i met up with my sexy vespa riding neighbour, Rachel at the weekend. When i called over she had the vespa out and ready for us to head, and boy was she ready too! She had a pair of tight leather leggings and knee high boots and her usual little leather jacket. I could feel myself getting wet already and we hadnt even gotten on the scooter!
    I complimented Rachel on her outfit and we headed out to get on bike. I stuck on my helmet and waited for Rachel to get on and start the bike. Then she gave me to nod to jump on behind her. As usual i was pushed up against her bum and fairly soon had a big errection in my pants. It was amazing holding onto her leather clad hips and pushing my errection into her soft leather bum. We rode for a while and then rachel said did i want to get a coffee so we stoped at a little coffee shop. As we were pulling up to stop i shouted to rachel asking her to pull up at the back of the carpark as all the bumps and vibrations were after having an affect on my and it might be a bit embarrising getting of the vespa with an audience watching me! I could hear her laughing and then said no problem. So she pulled up in a nice quiet corner of the carpark. I pretended to be all embarrised about it but she just smiled and said not to be worrying about it and she took it as a compliment that i got horny behind her. We went and had our coffee......

  • And.....? Anything else happen? She obviously knows now

  • I'm sure she is aware. Offer to take her to dinner to thank her for her help and seduce her..... then bang her!

  • Haha, great plan. In fairness it sounds like a genuine reason to bring her out for a meal as a thank you for the lifts. Id love to bang her out of it.....would love to bend her over the saddle of her vespa and lash her out of it from behind!

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