Best friends gf is a slut

My best friend was seeing a gorgeous blondie called yasmin who had a body to die for and was a raging alcoholic, she would also get violent when drunk and had a sassy personality, she was on a break from my friend at the time and asked if she could cum over for a drink one weekend, so she did and we ended up fucking, the following weekend she invited me over hers, she was already drunk when I got there so by time we went to bed she was so drunk she was unconscious, I put her to bed and stripped her naked, seeing her perfect brown tanned body was so sexy... she was so out of it, I was French kissing her and she had no idea, so I proceeded to fuck in all night in every hole, seeing her face as I fucked her is such a turn on then in the morning she obviously had regrets and acted like we were bk to being friends, after she got up naked to go to bathroom she left her son in the bed with me so I washed my cock in his mouth so he could taste his mother's pussy, that was 10 years ago now I see them both in social media and they have no idea they both have sucked my cock.

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  • Someone needs to wake up this sicko dreaming punk up. He sounds like he couldn’t buy any pussy much less get it on his own. Total bullshit story

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