Best/Most Memorable Orgasm?

I recently had the best orgasm ever: it's weird, but I came while having a leg cramp at the same time. It felt so good. I've never gotten off that hard ever. Might be the pain/pleasure mix or something. My bf said, "Are you okay?" lol. Oh, yes, I was reallllllly okay. . . .

For the guys and girls: Can you recall the best or most memorable orgasm that you've ever had? What were the circumstances?

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  • I decided to go for a massage at one of those places, when this old lady came out I thought about walking out, but I stayed. On my front she was amazing, kept teasing my balls and anus, flipped over there was a lot of teasing, including just inside my anus. My cock was a rock, and after agreeing extra she went for it, she tugged me off whilst fingering my anus, when I came, my back was arched and I sprayed like a water fountain. Not floppy cum, spray liquid cum, it went every where and was followed by pulse after pulse of the gloopy stuff. Wow

  • My best was when a guy gave me oral. We had had a day of nothing to do so stayed in bed, I had just been waxed down there and he wanted to lick me. We had been kissing, and he moved to my neck, so gentle, caressing me with his kisses, he worked down my chest, to my breasts and nipples, playing with them with his tongue, I was so turned on, and wanted him so badly, down he went to my tummy, my heart rate and breathing quickened. He reached my freshly smooth pubic area, I started to squirm, and my legs closed, he kissed down my legs and then up my inner thighs parting them as he went. He started running his tongue up my labia, and I could feel tension build. With the tip of his tongue he started to flick my clit, fast but gentle, occasionally going for a deep lock of my labia, getting right inside. I knew I was in for a good orgasm, but what hit me was intense.
    The pleasure was radiating from my clit, tensing muscles as it ran through me. My buttocks were twitching, I couldn't breathe let alone moan, apparently I was squeeking, then it climaxed, it felt like my whole body spasmed, I was shaking so violently, I pulled his head away, but it was still going, I was shaking, finally It let go I was panting like a dog, I closed my legs and curled up in a ball. Clear gooey cum had run down my ass and on to the sheets.
    Like you my bf was concerned, I couldn't talk, I just missed him with a tear rolling down my face.
    It took me nearly an hr to recover from it fully, I felt violates by my own body, but the best thing I have ever experienced

  • About 7 months,no sex,after being pregnant and childbirth I had sex with a male friend,he was really big and knew how to fuck.I was on my front taking him from behind and he gave me an orgasm,was a good but I needed to turn over because my boobs were painful.Once on my front he began fucking me again then my boobs started leaking,so I squeezed milk at his face and in his mouth.He was loving it and think it turned him on as he began pounding me harder,so I told him to suck.He latched on and began draining me off milk.The relief was instantaneous and felt so good and as his dick hit my hot spot I felt another orgasm building.I encouraged him to "fuck me" and "suck my milk".My orgasm hit me like an out of body experience,I tingled and felt a buzz throughout my whole body and then numbness as a lay back.He pulled out and shot over my boobs and face.

  • I went on a road trip to a conference with a female coworker that I really liked. It was a 5 hour drive. We had flirted at work before, but nothing ever happened. While we were driving, we were flirting and she hiked up her skirt, pulled aside her panties, and dipped a couple of fingers in her pussy and gave me a taste, saying, "I like you." She looked beautiful down there, with her erect clit protruding past her hood. I was about to faint. It was hard to stay on the road.

    The flirting went on for a couple of more hours, it was like we were both edging the whole time, before we couldn't stand it anymore and pulled aside of the road and fucked in a field. I lasted maybe 20 seconds and I had never had a better orgasm in my life. I was able to get it up again, and get her off too, but that first one was amazing.

  • I dated this guy for a while who was an absolute oral genius, he could kiss, lick and play with me for an hour building me up to some of the best orgasms I have ever had in my life. We would sit and watch a movie at his place and he would sometimes put his hand down the front of me and then tell me to spread my legs out, he would then just barely caress my clit thru the whole movie. My underwear would be drenched by the end of it and he would then finally give me enough stimulation to orgasm and it would be huge, I can not even do it to myself and orgasm like he made me, believe me I have tried.
    I guess one of the most memorable ones was during a football game, he talked me into putting a blanket on the coffee table and had me lay on it naked. He spent the entire first half just caressing me then at half time he turned me towards him and as soon as his tongue landed on me I began pulsating and shaking, I orgasmed so hard I peed a little bit which sort of turned him on more.

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