Why won't he dick me?

When I was growing up I always had a crush on my uncle. (Aunts husband) he knew this and by the time I was 17, I was hanging around their house all the time. Everyone was at the cinema one night when I turned up except for mike, I flirted and within an hour I was stood bent over the breakfast bar with his fingers inside me. I came, my legs were trembling. He said I should leave and I did. I'm 26 now, I still get fingered by him regularly, and get my nipples played with, but he will not fuck me. I've only seen his big dick through his jeans. It looks so fat but he'll only touch me and he'll always remain fully clothed while I'm naked. He loves it when I'm sitting on his fingers squirting. Yummy

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  • Just go ask him

  • You think I haven't, he just won't answer, switches off and tells me to go. From what my cousin says, him and my aunt are at it like rabbits. Why only finger me though

  • He’s waiting for you to go for his zipper and pull it out. Then start sucking on it like your totally in love with it

  • Again, I'm not allowed ANYWHERE near it. He gets in a mood if I even try

  • Just jump on it the next time you suck it. Once he feels your hit tight pussy he won’t stop until you’re full of his cum. Worked on my uncle.

  • He won't let me suck or touch it. He'll only finger me, fully clothed! It's been 9 years of trying and 9 years of refusal x

  • Guilt maybe x

  • Hot x

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