She won my heart giving me her asshole to fuck every single day

When I met my fiancé 11 years ago through a mutual friend, I had no interest or attraction towards her. She called and invited me over for dinner on a Sunday, on the other side of town, and I told her by the time I got over there I would have to come right back. She asked if I wanted to sleep on her couch and I said I wasn’t bussing 2 hours to sleep on her couch. She said I could have her bed and she could sleep on the couch, and I asked why we couldn’t just fuck and sleep in the bed together. She said I was being awfully forward, and I said let’s just commit to fucking as soon as i get their before either of us ruin the mood. She laughed and I said I wasn’t kidding, because if we weren’t compatible there was no point in me staying. So I called her on Sunday and told her to be naked when I got there, and have her legs spread to show me her shaved pussy. She said she hated shaving and I said as long as I don’t have to touch it, I didn’t care. She said she didn’t suck cock, and I said well she sure better like it up the ass then, because I don’t think I could be faithful to anyone who didn’t like anal, cuz I need it, so no point in coming then. She asked if she could at least try. I said as long as I get to finish and she’s willing to try a few times before she decided she doesn’t like it, I would come. I asked her to be on her hands and knees with her asscheeks spread when I get there. She laughed and I said I’m not kidding. Not a word. Give me your ass and don’t say a thing. I got there and found her on the couch as asked. I got naked and vaselined my fingers and slid them in one at a time. I lubed up my cock and said this was the last time I was using lube cuz she was gonna do it everyday to get used to it, and then I told her not to let go of her asscheeks the whole time I was fucking her. I put my cock at her pucker and started in, mmmmm does that make you feel dirty? Having a man shove himself right up inside your fucking ass? She said my name sharply and I told her to give it a chance, and that I wasn’t stopping until it was done, like she agreed. She said 3 times, it feels like I have to go to the bathroom. I told her to say it feels like she’s gonna shit herself, but she can’t with my fat cock up her ass. She was gasping and moaning and trying to be really polite and I told her to say her ass was mine and she would be my little bitch forever. And it sounded awesome as I rammed my dick in to make her fuck up what she was saying. I told her that I’ve never found anyone who would let me do this everyday, but if she would be my fucking buttbitch I would love her forever, and I didn’t even care how big her ass was cuz I was gonna fuck it off in no time. I told her she was doing really good and the first time is the worst, and I would cum in her mouth or her ass everytime. I told her I would mount her from behind and fuck her like my dog every time, and we would do this everyday forever if she wanted to be with me. She said she couldn’t take much more, and I said well you’re gonna fucking have to cuz I’m not even close, and I’m not stopping until I blow a huge load of cum. She said she didnt swallow, and I said she may change her mind when she has cum farting down her legs all day, but that I liked that cuz it made me know she liked being my filthy little fuckpig. She asked me if I was almost done and I said nope, and I’m gonna stop and start over if she keeps asking. Tell me your ass is made for my cock and you wanna feel my cock in there forever. Tell me you were made to be my dirty fuckslut, and you hate the taste of cum but you will eat mine everyday if that’s what it takes to be my pornstar. I told her we will never fuck face to face because she will now before me and offer herself up everyday for me. I told her I don’t need a condom cuz I’m gonna pull out and cum in her mouth whether she likes it or not, cuz I’m the man and that’s what she gets. Her pussy will not be touched until we are married, and you will brag to everyone how you spread your ass for your king everyday. I fucked her ass for over half an hour when she said I needed to stop, and I said tell me I need to hurry up and finish, and then I rammed her ass as hard as I could, she reached back and I grabbed her wrists and pinned her to the couch, and told her to shut up before someone calls the cops. Bite your tongue, bitch! Beg for me to blow my load in your mouth. Turn around as soon as I pull out, and I better not waste a single drop of my DNA. You’re gonna eat it all and make me a part of you, do you understand? Yes! What did I say? I’m gonna let you shove your dick into my mouth so I can suck every drop of your nasty slimy cum into my belly to be a part of me forever! My dirty dick. You’re dirty dick. You’re gonna suck it clean after every assfuck until I decide it’s clean. Yes! Get ready to suck your shit off my dick! I pulled out and she spun around and I shoved my dick in her mouth and blasted it full with a huge load. She gagged and choked and I grabbed her head and shoved it all the way in and told her to swallow it! She did, and then I pulled out and lay on the couch and spread my legs... wow, that was awesome. Hurry up and suck it clean, I might cum again. She hated sucking and gagged the whole time. She tried to stop, and I said she could give up anytime, but I wasn’t staying. She sucked and swallowed and made a disgusting face then looked at me. Do you really think you’re gonna be able to do that everyday? I dunno, but I wanna try! I got her onto the bed and ate her pussy until she had the first real orgasm she’s ever had and went ballistic. She kept kissing me and I told her to roll over and I mounted her and shoved my dick up her ass. She cringed and I told her it was supposed to hurt. I’m the man and she’s made to make me happy. I promised to return the favour so long as she gives me what I want. She said nothing, and I half pulled out and then rammed my cock all the way in 3 or 4 times and she squealed. Tell me your ass was made for my cock and I can do whatever I want with it from now on! She did. I told her to bite her pillow and I rammed a second load up her ass while she muffled her pain. I told her to hold her cheeks apart and took a pic of the swollen red gaping greasy hole oozing out my cum. I asked her if she could push more out and a red blob sent cum gushing out her asshole and down her legs. I took more pics on her camera and tried to get her face in them. I laid back and told her to suck my dirty cock clean. She did, But not until I came again. Her legs were still up on her knees and she wouldn’t lay down cuz she worried my cum would wet her sheets. I told her to stand up and put on some shorts and made us go outside on a busy street. I told her no one knows she got assfucked or my cum was gushing out of her asshole, and only she knew how dirty she was. I asked her if she wanted to feel that everyday or swallow every single load. She told me to cum in her mouth and I smiled. We have been together for years now, we have moved several times, and have all new stuff, but we still have the Assfuck chair we bought the first month, and she prefers to have me eat her pussy after she pleases me, because she doesn’t enjoy anal after she cums. We do it every night before bed unless she knows I’m mad at her for something, then she tries to get me to fuck the anger away, but I insist on eating her out first so she doesn’t enjoy it, and she hates that. If we fuck early enough I still do it again before bed. If I’m really angry we do it again first thing in the morning when her ass is full. I’ve only done that once, and she knows she deserved it. It was actually after I broke up with her and she said I could make her do anything if I stayed. She even let me piss in her mouth and swallowed it. We have several porn movies we sometimes watch as I fuck her. She likes that we saved her pussy, but doesn’t like that I want her to ride other men so I can double fuck her holes. She refuses too, and I said well maybe that’s the only way I’ll let her ride my cock in her pussy if she wants kids. She already asked her gyno how I could pull out of her ass and into her pussy, and he freaked when he heard we only do anal without protection and she sucks me clean. She’s never had an infection, and he actually tried to do a papsmear up her ass, but settled on a camera, no problems at all. I don’t want kids and she’s in no hurry to get married. We went to visit her parents one year and they heard me ramming dick up her ass many times there. They hate how we fuck and say I am using her. She says I make her cum for pleasing me, and she even cums from anal. I don’t let her douche or lube it up, cuz it proves she loves me. She’s swallowed every single load this whole time, and told her parents swallowing is the best form of birth control. They asked how she would feel telling her daughter that, and she said we’ll never know because she’s swallowed every potential child we could have had. She had a few women friends she had asked to include in our sex, but I tell her to do it alone cuz she’s all I need, but no one eats her pussy but me unless they want my cock up their ass while they do it. She asked what I would say about including a man, and I tell her only for dp, and she doesn’t eat his cum. She would never change our sex life, but I wouldn’t want to. The folks at the photomat have asked a lot of questions because they suspected abuse, she told them it only hurts on my birthday cuz that’s the only day I get drunk and it takes me all night to cum. She has asked to help me get half way there before putting it up her ass and I have asked to knock her out with a daterape drug so she would miss the whole thing, but if she loved me she would take it like a man. Last year I jerked off at work and got real drunk and went straight to her ass and it took over 3 hours. She said it hurt to shit for a few weeks, And I told her to stop eating.

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  • TLDR version: I the OP get assraped every night by a guy whose cock is the size of Pringle’s can.

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