Dogging......sort of!

Well that was unexpected...!

I was sat having a quick wank after my girlfriend had gone to bed last night when her dog that was sat next to me leant over and licked the end of my cock...!!

The rough tongue felt weirdly nice and instead of pushing her away, as I probably should have done, I just let her carry on.

The tickly feeling, dirtiness of it all and me already being horny made me lose control and cum in the dog's mouth! She just lapped it all up and left me a little in shock at what I'd just done!

Might have to do it again lol

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  • Yeah, my girlfriends dog used to eat her pussy, then one night she talked me into sticking my cock in its mouth. Long story short, I now have a short stub where my cock used to be. The doctor said they could have sewed it back on if the dog hadn't chewed it up and swallowed it. You might want to find a safer way to get oral sex.

  • OUCH, At least I was under anastasia when I was castrated. But I had cock, testicles, scrodom, and prostate removed. My wife thinks it's so hot looking. I was a micro penis anyway

  • Ouch!!!

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