Risky unprotected sex

Ladies? what the most risky, unprotected sex youve ever had and somehow by not fallen pregnant? too much is said about girls fallen pregnant straight away after one night stand but iv known of others getting away with it by pure luck. tell us abot time you should have fallen pregant but somehow didn't...

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  • Oddly or not, it was with my boyfriend who had a pregnancy fetish, and by that time, I'd developed a pregnancy fetish as well. Judging by the flow of the tides, if you will, we went ahead unprotected, playing the chances as we did our pregnant play, with various positions to allow me to puff out my belly to appear pregnant. Whether or not he finished inside me is something I can't now remember, but it was tense for a couple of days thereafter.

  • When I was younger there was a guy I really liked at a party, and we got high and decided to have sex. We went to his apartment later. He had a condom, but it broke while we were screwing. He pulled out and said it broke and that he didn't have another. He was nice about it and said we could do oral instead to get each other off. But I was so hot and ready for an orgasm that I told him to put it back in me, but to pull out when he came. He did, kind of. He put some seeds in my vagina for sure, because I scooped it out. Didn't get preggers.

  • It was my 23rd birthday, was out with friends and got a bit tipsy, so I called for an Uber, Uber showed up and it was a black man who was 35 years old. We chatted the whole way, when we got to my place I invited him up to my apartment, we chatted for awhile. I was tipsy yet and horny. Plus I always wonder what it be like to be with a black man. So I made a move and we started making out on the sofa. We made out for awhile till we started taking clothes off. Got our clothes off and I gave him a nice and long blow job where I was deep throating and gagging on his dick. He was loving it. I quickly hopped on his dick and rode it like a maniac. Rode him for at least ten mins until he said he was about to cum. So I rode faster on his dick and told him just to cum inside me. I wanted to feel the powerful blast of cum that a black man can shoot and if I got pregnant with a black baby then so be it. Black man grunts really loud and shot a massive amount of cum inside me. We lay on sofa kissing passionately. It was an amazing night. I'm just surprise I didn't get pregnant. He was deep inside me when he came. Such a strong and powerful ejaculation. But I guess I was lucky.

  • I got drunk at a party. Ended up having a train ran on me by six or seven different guys. Can't quite recall. But almost each one blew their load in me. I didn't get pregnant. I was lucky.

  • I was bored one night and hit up tinder to possibly have a fling. Matched with a pretty cute guy and he instantly sent me a message. We talked and then he said he and a friend wanted to double team a girl and I was down for it. Had unprotected sex with both with them that night. And then that next morning had sex with one of them and he came inside me again. I'm surprised I didn't end up pregnant. I wasn't using any kind of birth control at the time.

  • When me and my boyfriend were first going out, we had a stupid fight over something, i went out with a friend to spite him, the night got late and i disappeared with a group of guys, i had got very drunk and had been arguing with him over txt all night, fuming mad i went back to their place with them, not knowing what was actually happening, they convinced me to get revenge on him. at 18 i was very neive and these guys were alot older (30s maybe) anyway i ended up getting fucked by all 5 of them and only when the first one holding me hips came in me did i realise i wasnt on the pill and none were usin condoms, when i mentioned it they laughed and the next took his posistion and fucked me till he came inside me too, this went on four hours but by then i was really enjoying it. the sex was the roughest iv ever had with them callin me names, pulling my hair, spit roasting me, really fucking me hard. i came myself 3 times. but everyone of them came inside me at least once.
    i was so lucky to have my period a few weeks later

  • Dirty bitch, did the boyfriend ever find out?

  • You sexy sexy girl.

  • Last summer my husband took us camping, and one of his friend's families joined us. We both had rv's on adjacent lots in the campground. One night I was hanging by the fire with his male friend while our spouses and kids were asleep. I'm a stay at home mom, so being around a different guy, and a handsome one at that, was somewhat of a rare treat. We drank wine and talked quietly for hours. Looking back on it, we were discussing all kinds of inappropriate things, but that's what flirting is I guess. There was chemistry.

    We decided to be naughty and have sex, but had to walk away from the rv's by about 50 meters into the woods so no one would hear. I told him to be careful, as I was ovulating, but we were really drunk and hot for each other, like stupid teenagers. When he said he was about to cum, I was just starting to crest and hit my orgasmic peak, and told him not to stop. While holding him by the hips, I could feel him pulsate as he got me off to an orgasm like I hadn't felt in years. Almost immediately I knew there could be a problem.

    I was never happier to have my period the next month. Thank God.

  • In hs I got into a "put out or get out" thing there were five of them, they all came in me twice, two did three times.

  • Can guys comment too?

  • Yea go for it

  • Cool.So only months ago I started a casual fling with a woman.She was an old acquaintances ex,they have 3 kids together.It was more about the sex to be honest,for her as she was single and for me because I always found her sexy,even more so now.She's got that milf yummy mummy look.Nice wide curvy bum and hips,big boobs,long dark wavy hair and a bit of a milf bush,which I'm sure she doesn't have time to tend to but I love it.So we fuck mainly at the weekends when her ex has the kids and its always been unprotected.I pull out mostly because I like putting it somewhere over her but sometimes just have to cum in her pussy.I have asked if she's on the pill and she said no.Could she be on another type of birth control?Or what if she wants to get pregnant to piss off her ex?Or worse what if I'm sterile???

  • Woman are crazy things, she could b wanting u to cream in her to get pregant but coud also just love it and has implant or injection of something, question her and she will bite so your call, nutting in her? is it worth it?

  • Me and my fiance stayed with a friend of his before we moved.I'll admit I was attracted to this guy.I flirted and he flirted back and i teased too,like walking around in just underwear.One evening my fiance was out and I must've teased too much.He tested me first by putting a kiss on my lips,I just smiled.Next I was pushed on the sofa and my jeans and pants pulled off.His hand rubbed my pussy and he kissed me deeply.Then he pulled me to the edge pulled off his jeans and entered me and fucked me hard.After just 10 minutes I came,shortly followed by him cumming in me.He knew I liked it so the following morning when my fiance left for work he climbed into bed and between my legs and just started fucking me.This happened quite alot.

  • How long was he fucking and cumming in you for?

  • I fucked him alot but lost count how many times we had unprotected sex.Probably about 4 or 5 times.Then we started using condoms from the pack my fiance bought,had to replace that quickly lol.

  • Sex with condoms is shit, nothing beats nutting inside an unprotected pussy

  • Hubby and I always had a terrible sex life so don't blame me for cheating,he was inadequate and crap in the bedroom.And I was desperate to have a baby but he claimed he wasn't ready.So with my workaholic hubby away I spent a weekend with a friends ex,they had 3 kids,so he was pretty fertile.She also claimed he was well endowed so I was curious.Spent Friday evening to Monday morning pretty much being his sperm receptacle.

  • Your husband "claimed" he wasn't ready, so you decided he really was? Did it work? Did you get pregnant?

  • Well yes whenever I even brought up having a baby he would have an excuse,normally work related.Yes he was ready,besides what did he need to be ready for,I was the one who was gonna look after kids.No surprisingly I didn't,sometimes wish I did though.

  • I tried to get pregnant at 17 by sleeping with as many guys as i could. overall i had 16 diffrent guys of all ages cum inside me in a space of over a month and nothing. yet years later when i tried with my boyfriend we fell pregnant within the first few attempts

  • I went back packing through the colorado mountain trails. It was meant to be a journey of self discovery. I met two guys also were going to hike. So we all ended up going together. The first night we camped out nothing happened. But they had brought some weed so I decided to have fun smoke some and go to sleep. They must of thought I was asleep already because they talking about how cute I was and how if they had the chance they would destroy my pussy. I couldn't help but think about it. So I went to sleep with sex on the brain.

    The next day we were hiking and all I could think about was sex. I was extra flirty. So the second time we camped out we smoked some more then started playing two truths and a lie with a twist. If you guessed wrong you had to take off a piece of clothing. If you guessed right you got to make someome else strip. They were all for that. Well being two against one I lost my clothes first and it was on. They were all over me. They took turns. Double teamed me. We were fucking like rabbits. Even fucked in some of the rest stops. They were always eager. One fucked me behind a rock while some other hikers passed by. I know they saw us but that added to a bit of the thrill.

    I wasn't on the pill and they hadn't brought condoms because they never expected to get laid hiking. They tried to always pull out but didn't always make it. Or didn't really try. But whatever the case I was really shocked I never wound up getting pregnant.

  • I backpacked around Europe a few years ago before uni.But I was brought up in a religious family,so was still a virgin.Met several nice guys while on my travels.Lost my virginity to one of them.And slept with a few more along the way.Don't know how I didn't end up pregnant.I'm English and maybe its just me but are American guys always filthy in bed?lol

  • I always found polish and french guys to be real filthy, they dont mind fucking in packs

  • Plwase tell me more about them fucking in packs, what are you basing this on?

  • Have you never stayed at a hostal?

  • No... please share.

  • They are great places to hook up, nobody knows each other, chill hang out and before long you have a random dick inside you. so how when there is a language barrier because sex is the universal language and like i said the french guys like taking turns and sharing

  • It was probably me,as really wasn't used to it but they were obsessed with my arsehole,kept licking it and poking their tongue in.Tried to stick more in too.

  • Haha i let them put more than their tongue in my arse

  • Yes I love my arse licked,played with and fucked nowadays.

  • He positions himself closer to my mouth and removes his towel.Just inches away from my face is his big long cock.Its not even fully hard and its a beast.He holds the back of my neck and guides my mouth closer.I obey and open my mouth to accept it in.I suck back and forth and it gets big and hard.He fingers my g spot and I squirt and cum again.I spit all over his big cock and suck it like mad.He groans as I take at least 7 of his 9 inches to the back of my throat.He can't take it anymore.In a quick move,he flips me over and pulls me on my knees over the couch.He then shoves his big cock into my wet willing fuck hole.He fucks me like a champ,my little body responding in only one way.I moan and tremble and clutch at the top of the couch.As each inward thrust of his groin against my bum sends waves through my body.I'm incredibly soaked and can accommodate him like my pussy was made for his cock.

  • Would have to be,high sex unprotected with the neighbour.Went round to use his shower as ours was broken.He gave me a tiny towel and when I came out he was conveniently in a towel too.Offered me some wine and then had a few puffs of his spliff.Forgot how horny weed made me.So I was laying there feeling horny as fuck and my towel slips open.He sits next to me and just opens it all the way,admiring my nude young body.Then his hand rests on my knee and moves up my inner thigh.And presses against my bushy landing strip.Cupping my mound.He then rubs my tummy,gives my boobs a squeeze and sucks on my right one,first the plump bit below my nipple,then sucks on the nipple,taking my whole boob in his mouth.He lays me down,while rubbing my pussy again.I open my legs wider and he slips 2 fingers in.Im soon wet enough to allow them to slide in and out with ease.Soon my body bucks into orgasm and I squirt all over the towel.

  • In my teens my friend's parents left for a few days and we partied the whole time at her place. I and a few others even slept over. My parents let me, because they thought her parents were there, but they weren't. We fucked all night, ran out of condoms, so we did the pull-out method. Without a doubt we were dodging bullets.

  • I broke up with my boyfriend after I found out he was cheating on me. Went on vacation with my sister. I slutted out so hard. I think I had sex with a different guy every day. Sometimes two guys a day. Let them finish in me I didn't care. Just wanted to fuck. Only after I got back was I worried about getting pregnant or catching something. Didn't on either account. Don't know how because I wasn't on the pill. Just got lucky.

  • Met a older guy through the internet when i was alot younger. he must been in his 50s. i had recently broke up with my boyfriend (the guy i lost my v to)
    he really showed me what sex could be like, he was amazing, on the first evening he fucked me 6 times and each time cuming inside me. i wasnt on the any protectiong but he gave me my first proper orgasim, and then again and again and again. my ex could only manage like 10mins of fucking but this guy could fuck me four times as long and four times as hard, it was so rough, sweaty and unbelievably good. made my legs shake and my body wimper, we fucked for weeks with no condoms or anything and i never fell pregnant. i am fertile as i have 3 kids now but how i never fell pregnant then i will never know

  • You may have been fertile, but his seed was not.

  • Dunno if this counts but I found a pregnancy tester thing in the bin after my girlfriend got back from a music festival.

  • Kinda counts, just proves your girlfriend is a dirty cheating slut who lets strangers cum inside her unprotected. are you ok with that?

  • You don't know that. And I'm not ok with it.

  • I first went on the pill when i was 20 and had been with my boyfriend since i was 17, we used condom but there was a large amount of time where we just forgot. ether we were drunk or just didnt have one. somehow i never got knocked up

  • When i went on a girls holiday to ibiza when i was 18, i was on the pill but forgot to take it at all and had sex with over 10 guys all week, some came in me some came on me but somehow i got back home with no std or pregnancy

  • Well would have to say the week me and my boyfriend broke up I stayed with an older male friend.Forgot my pills but just fucked this guy several times a day for a week.His sex drive was unsatiable.He stayed hard after ejaculation and even got hard again pretty quickly after a long session.And he always gave me multiple orgasms.Just really don't know how I didn't end up pregnant.

  • Stayed at dorm for holiday one year & last minute went out with a with friend to a club. Met a black guy at club, danced were having such a great time and next thing you know we are making out in his vehicle. It was my first time with a black guy as it was very forbidden by family.
    As I was giving him a blow job instead of just stopping there told him to drive so we could continue making out without getting caught. He drove to a nearby park where I continued to suck off his unbelievable huge sized cock. We wound up outside with me sucking him then he bends me over and starts to pump me deeply. I was so turned in by his huge size cock usuing a condum never crossed my mind. I wanted him inside of me more than anything. He made me cum continuously and after he came inside of me I could feel his cum leaking out of me the entire ride home. The rest of the weekend getting pregnant and catching any disease did cross my mind as I was not on birth control just had my boyfriend using protection. I thought about his cock the entire week almost daily it crossed my mind his awesome his cock was.

  • That's super hot, especially since you had a boyfriend and your family don't like Black's. Please tell about the last few moments of sex before he shot a load inside you.

  • Is English your first language?

  • Oh joy! another gammer nazi! god you are so funny ha ha ha

  • Well if you speak it,you can at least learn to write it properly,dumb ass!

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