I sucked another mans dick to save my marriage

My husband and I were going through rough times and we drifted apart more and more as the years went by. I tried everything from skimpy lingerie to sensual lap dances but he was not in the mood. Slowly age was getting to me and I was no longer his cute perky country gal.
While at the store I struck up a conversation with a cute young guy and I noticed my husband smile. I started flirting hard and the young guy and he made it a point to show off his sexy muscles. So I kept at it and my husband was ecstatic. We finished shopping and I teased my husband about how hot that cute guy was. My husband got a boner and I gave him a very delicious blowjob in the parking lot. His dick had never been bigger and harder so I enjoyed every inch and ate up all his cum. I knew I had to recreate this magical moment.
I tried roleplaying but nothing happened. I was back to square one. It was then that i decided to check his phone and maybe get ideas from his search history. Boy was I in for a treat. My husband was getting turned on by other men, he got rock hard because of that cute boy and not from his flirtatious wife.
I hinted at things the next few days. I even got mad and told him that if he didn't make love to me that I would bring home that cute boy and let him have his way with me. I saw that it got his attention so I described how his muscular arms would wrap around me and how I would bury my face between his muscular thighs and enjoy his long hard throbbing dick. I knew from that moment on that I had to do it.
The next few days I kept flirting and I teased the cute boy and told him I would very much like to have sex with him on the condition that my husband would catch us and join in. He was all for it except he was scared of my husband.
I got on craigslist and found the perfect candidate. I met up with him for breakfast just to make sure. A young 22 year old, muscles like a well chiseled greek god. I invited him back home, told him that the husband would be home in 2 hours so he could get comfortable.
He was starting to get cold feet, about how my husband would react. I wanted him relaxed so I got on all fours and inched towards him. He was easy to seduce because he had his pants off before I even got to him. If my husband was going to catch me I figured I might as well get started. I began licking his shaft and putting his balls in my mouth. Teasing him so he would not cum so fast.
An hour passed and I heard the front door open. My husband dropped his stuff as he came in. Shocked by seeing his wife with a mouthful of a young guys dick. Before he could say anything I invited him over and offered him some, told him that his dick felt like heaven in my mouth. My husband quickly got on his knees and began sucking his dick with such a deep passion. I was almost jealous but I would make the most of this. I took charge and had my husband on top of me as the guy fed us both his big muscular dick. My husband then signaled that he also wanted to be filled and so as he pounded on me the young guy pounded on my husband. After an hour or so of my husband and I both getting dick in all holes we finally sent our new friend home.
That became a regular thing and I have lost count at who has had more dick, the husband or me. It saved our marriage and my husband will have sex with me and be loving all the time now. I know he enjoys a good dick and so do I.


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  • I too love to dress I know your excitement x

  • I know how your husband feels. I am single and I love wearing ladies underwear even a bra. I had sort of wondered what it would be like to fool around with another guy. Well I was talking about sex with a friend who was wearing shorts. I guess our talk got him horny cause he reached up his leg and exposed his penis to me. He watched me as I just stared at it. He was shaved and his boner was about 7" long and as thick as a hot dog. His clock was beautiful to me. As he saw my reaction, he began flexing his boner and asked me if I liked what I saw. I told him that I loved seeing his cock and that I really was attracted to it. He reached out to me and took my hand and put it on his gorgeous penis. Instantly I began jacking that pretty dick off. Soon he squirted his thick white cum all inside my hand and fingers. Next I had to take his now limp dick in my mouth and suck it. I loved the feel of his cock in my mouth and I gave him the best blow job he ever had. I love having a man's penis in my hand and mouth now. I can hardly wait until I can feel his stiff dick sliding up my virgin ass and filling me full of his hot cum. Of course I still love wearing ladies lingerie under my clothes too.

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