Up my fat wife’s butt

My wife is generally a pretty reserved and wholesome woman. She’s fat(a little over 400 pounds) not flashy, and is slow to try new things sexually.

The other night she was arranging gifts underneath the Christmas tree, bending over and pushing her massive fat ass into an inviting position. I walked over and pressed myself into her ass and started running it. I made a predictably cliche comment about the only thing I wanted to unwrap was her ass. She said “then do it.”

We stripped down and and I whispered I was going to put it in her butt. She had always been hesitant to take it up her butt so I was a little surprised when she said to go ahead but just use some lotion.

I got some lotion from the kitchen and put it on my penis before spreading a little on her glorious butt hole. Then I eased myself in. She grunted a little and moaned as I penetrated her but she insisted I keep going. I was gentle at first before picking up the pace. Her big fat ass jiggled as I thrust in and out of her. I reached around her and squeezed her fat stomach (I know she always likes this when I do her from behind.) the whole time I can’t believe how lucky I am to be inside this wonderful woman’s butt. It felt amazing. Doing it right at the base of our Christmas tree made it even better.

Once I blew my load in her I very carefully pulled out and we just lay there for a few minutes before going upstairs and cleaning up. As we showered she admitted it was a little uncomfortable at first but would be willing to do it again.

The following morning she told a friend over the phone. She said she really enjoyed it. Her friend said she was proud of her for being willing to try and I couldn’t help but laugh when her friend told her I’ve been saying all along if all you use that hole for is pooping you’re wasting it!”

My wife won’t be wasting it anymore!

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  • This has been awesome. We’ve had anal sex as much as conventional in the past few weeks. She loves it. When I call to say I’m on my way home from work she’ll even say she wants me to fuck her up her ass when I get home. She doesn’t do dirty talk all that much so when she does it’s super hot. Her friend was over the other day and she was telling her about what we’ve been doing and called herself a fat butt slut. Super hot!

  • I’d never stick my cock up a woman’s ass if she was that fat. Even slightly chubby. I guess I just have higher standards than you.

  • Why are you judging him?

  • I guess so. Not sure why you felt the need to make this comment though. Before I was married I dated women of several different body types. Some were fat others were fit. I married a fat one. Once she had me she got fatter. That’s certainly not your problem so I don’t see the point in your comment.

  • Sounds like someone is being a little overly sensitive. All I said is I’d never fuck a woman that fat. 400 pounds is huge. I have no idea how a guy can even get it hard enough to put in a land whale that big.

  • Land whale? Why would anyone be upset?

    I’m ok with calling her fat. She is. It’s just a descriptive word even she uses about herself. But being nasty and calling names like land whale is unnecessary. But it’s the internet. People are brave when it’s anonymous.

  • You know this is totally off the subject of this thread but for the longest time I thought that when someone said you should have seen the whale tail on this woman I thought they were saying she had a big ass. When I found out what they were really talking about I laughed pretty hard at myself.

  • Haha my wife doesn’t wear thongs but I wish she did. Like I said, she’s actually pretty reserved in the way she dresses and presents herself. In her words she’s scared to perceived as a “416 pound fatty who’s trying to be sexy.” Such a shame. She’s the only woman I get to fuck, I’d love it if she’d try to be sexy!

  • She has better sense than you do. Nobody wants to see a 416 pound woman trying to be sexy.

  • I also do not really enjoy anal because of the same thing, once your head goes past the anus there is nothing. What I do love to do though is put a toy in her ass, I bought one of those progressive ball ones and the final one is about the size of a golf ball. She loves her anus played with so I get her in a doggie position and slowly work the balls into her anus with a vibe on her clit then when if is fully inserted I enter her pussy with my cock and I can feel the balls as I go in and out of her. If I want a more stimulation I put a bullet vibe in her and then shove it to the back of her pussy and as I go in and out the head of my cock gets vibrated. She is a really awesome and loves it all and I love watching her anus stretch out when the toy goes in and out of her.

  • For the first 4 years I was married to my wife, she refused to let me in her ass. Then we separated for other reasons for a year, and when we got back together, she let me have her ass, as long as I stayed. Ass feels awesome.

  • I waited years for my wife to let me up her ass hole. When she finally let me in there, it was a major disapointment. It wasn't any tighter than her pussy, and once you get past the opening, there is really nothing but an open cavern, with no contact with the head of my cock. I much prefer a pussy, as it wraps my entire cock with warm, wet flesh. Just my opinion though, not saying I won't fuck her up the ass anymore, but I don't think it's all it's cracked up to be.

  • Nice pun

  • Your wife weighs over 400 pounds? Dude...

  • Haha I thought the same thing. There’s no way I’d put my dick up some fat nasty 400 pound bitch’s ass!

  • Is that okay with you? You’re not the one who’s sleeping with her so why not keep your comments to yourself.

  • My ex crossed over 300 pounds and I told her one night when she was suddenly horny after like six months of no sex that there was not going to be any sex until she was back down below 200 at least. Her stomach was one with her thighs and her boobs were just these flat fat bags with nipples. She pulled the I do not love her anymore card and I told her that was not it at all she was just to big to have enjoyable sex with now. She played games all the time asking me if I was cheating on her with this woman and that woman, she was so damn hung up on thoughts that just because I did not want to have sex with her I was cheating. It took her two years to get below 200 but with all of her complaining and worrying about me cheating I had no desire at all to have sex with her so I just waited her out and she finally left me, I asked her if she wanted me to get the uhaul truck for her when she brought it up the first time. She stormed out and went to live with one of our daughters who came by one day to talk to me, she laid right into me about who I was cheating on her mother with and I laughed at her. She lost her ass in the divorce and I still laugh at her because she cannot even afford to move out on her own because she cannot get a job that pays much at all.
    I gladly pay a few hundred dollars every few months to have some young fit woman come over and have sex with me, cheaper in the long run and she wears me out.

  • That’s great. I’m glad it worked out for you. My wife is awesome and I am okay with her weight. I like hot girls too. I used to date and fuck them, but I was always open to dating fat girls too. I guess I just had a wife scope of what I liked. Just happened to marry a fat one. She is a pretty awesome person and while you may disagree she’s pretty hot too. Her body is shaped just right.

    If anything I only wish she’d take more time to accentuate her appearance. She’s really pretty when she wants to be but she’s also pretty reserved. She seems afraid to wear anything stylish or sexy for fear of assholes and bitches criticizing her for being the fat girl trying to be stylish and sexy.

    I hope we can build her confidence.

  • My wife of 30 years is a curvy woman with big tits and ass. I had been trying to fuck her butt since we first met. But it was one way traffic from there for her.

    Then 5 years ago she asked me to take her in the butt, she had made preparations buying Astroglide lube.

    We took it slowly and very soon I saw my dick sliding between her parted beautiful creamy butt cheeks, it was the best sensation ever as she started to push back and get into rhythm. I didn't last long before coming deep in her ass.
    Since then anal has become part of our normal sex life and her sweet cheeks get parted at least once a week.

  • That is awesome!

  • That is so great anal sex is by far the very best.

  • I agree. I’ve been wanting to get inside my wife’s butthole for years. She’s always shut it down. I don’t know what got into her the other night, but it has been amazing. We’ve had anal sex a few times since then. It is so awesome!

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