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I have always had an obsession with my sisters knickers. It started wen we was young we used to play rude dares she would make me were her knickers. I loved it. Wen we got older her knickers got sexier an a lot wetter. I still have ones now from 10 year ago that I still cum inside. I started to cum inside her slutty heels 👠 then watch as she slip her foot inside and not say anything about wots inside it. She has found many of her shoes under my bed covered in my manhood she tells me off an tells me to ask if I can drop my load inside them. My girlfriend has caught me with her knickers on wen we have been staying at her house on numerous occasions it turns me on so much wen she says I am a discussing pervert. My sisters knickers are so much better than hers. I will never change. I have even made hookers dress as my sisters an were her knickers and heels. Hope you like my story off to clean sum discharge knickers fresh off the floor and then drop another one on the first heels I see.

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  • I understand how you feel about you'd sister's panties. I felt an attraction to silky panties in 2nd grade. Mom wouldn't buy me any so I began wearing hers. Later she began doing work for a volunteer org. and began bringing donated clothes & underwear home to wash. I was able to get my own panties, garter belts & stockings, panty-slips, and even bras. I loved wearing all the silky things. Our maid caught me going thru the clothes and having picked out several lingerie items to wear. I just told her how I loved wearing girl's underwear and she wanted to watch me dress up in them. I loved showing her my feminine side and was super hard. I got naked in front of her and she played with my hard penis for a while. I dressed up in a pair of pink panties, some pantyhose, a control panty, and a bra I found that fit me. She loved it and asked if I'd model them for her friends. I eagerly replied yes. Her friends who were other maids came over at lunch to watch a teen aged boy dress up in women's lingerie. I loved letting them feel me all over and hearing them giggling at me over what I was wearing. I was so turned on at being able to dress like a girl in front of them.

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