Ending the night with sluts

Last sat was our works xmas party and we went out for drinks after, i work in a warehouse and by the end of the night it was just me and the managers left and a couple of girls they had been buying drinks for, all the managers are like in their 40s and im the youngest at 19, both girls must been in their 20s older than me, im not a virgin but only been with one girl before. so club closes must be 3am and im stayin at same hotel n notice the girls are coming with, as we get there hey also invite me to there hotel room laughing n joking etc, i go in totelly no clie what was going to happen but no sooner where we inside the room (me last) both girls are on their knees pulling out every guys cock and starting to suck them off. no these girls were fit as fuck, one blonde, one brunet, tight dresses big tits slutty heels u name it, i get called over and my dick is pulled out n the blonde starts sucking me off too, amazing. there was 6 of us and these two sluts, then the brunet sucks me off next, she was even better. then everyone was stripping as the girls bent over the beds and two the manager start fucking them while they are sucking other, it felt weird being around so many other cocks, and they are all alot older than me but these slut where hot as fuck and i was rock hard, everyone kept takin turns fucking them until it was my turn, nobody else was using condoms so i kept mine in my wallet and went for the brunet, she was hot and was on her ack whe i had my turn, pushed my dick in her as deep as i could and started bangin her, her fishnets n heels on my shoulders, this was the second girl id ever fucked and it was amazing, after i got taged out the blonde sucked me off again before she led me down and got on top me and started fucking me, unknown at the time my cock felt very wet and one the other guys was lubing her ass, she stopped fucking me for a second and everything got tighter n i could feel something change, one the others had shoved his dick in her ass and i had her kissing me as she got double fucked, it felt very weird but so tight and good at same time, i looked over at the brunet and she too was getting doubled up while sucking cock. this went on for awhile before i got a chance to fuck the brunet in the ass while she had another under her, i didnt even know their names it was amazing. we like all had a turn and swapped holes, 6 of us and 6 holes between two sluts, i found myself coming very close to cuming while i was fucking the brunet in the pussy, she had a managers cock in her ass under her as i held one her legs up with the ankle boots in my face, i had to stop but then guys knew and the nerves got me and i came inside her, she smiled but the rest guys cheered! i was the first to cum, i sat and watched for awhile noticing it was 3.30am and they wer still going for it. it wasnt long though before the girls where on the floor faces pressed together as the rest manager surrounded them cuming all over their faces, rock hard from watching i was wanking myself silly and went over to try n cum again, i did it! i was the last but i shot my load over their faces as they kissed and slobbered all the cum from the other guys, it was the best night my life!
not long after we all got kicked out to our rooms n i was told the following morning to to tell anyone and threated with my job, if i keep quiet they will include me again! posting this now coz i gota tell someone! it wa amazing, i didnt think this type thing happened in real life, only porn!

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  • I was a girl at one of these parties before. I worked as a secrerary of a shipping yard. And there was a work party which was pretty much just going to the bar and the guys buying all the girls drinks trying to get lucky.

    Well a few of the older guys said they had rented a hotel room to keep parting after the bar closed. Me and two other girls went and proceeded to get fucked by about six or seven other guys. It was intense but a really fun time. But afterwards we all swore never to tell anyone about it. I was so sore the next few days it was hard to walk.

  • And what were you wearing? did u all take it in all holes too?

  • Wasn't anything fancy just a skirt and a t-shirt. I remember the skirt because it took forever to get cum stains out of it becauses guys kept wiping their dick off with it. And I got fucked in ever hole that night. All the girls there did.

  • What type of skirt? any heels?

  • Just a regular mini skirt. Nothing too special about it. I did have heels. But they came off during the sex.

  • More like a wireded our fantasy

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