I accidentaly raped myself

One night i was just layin in bed asleep then suddenly i had some weird shit happen to me. i was having some sleep paralysis and then got possessed. I then proceeded to jack myself off against my will, eventually i came but somehow the demon that possessed me kept stroking my dick and it felt painful, the demon then came out of my body and i was in control of myself again after some time i know this is not me as when i jack off i stop jacking off after i cum, now i totally feel like ive been raped by a ghost. i hope it is not illegal to rape yourself otherwise i fear prison time.

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  • Next time this happens, call 911 and tell them what's happening. They will probably put you in a place where you will get raped for real.

  • I'm still laughin' about this

  • I'm laughin' about this.

  • Did you clearly say no from the beginning? Sounds like you gave implied consent.

  • No, you were not possessed. In common with all humans for 100s of 1000s of years, your natural urge to masturbate, which you have suppressed as a consequence of the mental abuse inflicted upon you in the form of religion, finally won through. This is in no way wrong, sinful or evil.

  • More likely a mental institution, clown.

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