I do miss cock

I have sworn off of men for a while, it has been about two years now since I have had sex with a guy. I have substitutes but there is just something about a nice warm hard cock sliding in and out of me that I miss. There are some really great toys out there that feel tremendous inside me and sometimes I heat them up in water first to get that warm feeling but even though they flex and give a little I am still doing the motions. I love being up on my knees with my head on the bed and being filled and pushed against, sliding my hand down there and having his balls slide along my palm and fingers while he is thrusting in and out.
I also love to lick and suck on a cock, feel it pulsating in my mouth as I pleasure it or having my hair tangled up in his fingers while he pulls on it pushing more of his cock into my mouth. I have always been one to swallow but there is also something so sensual and dirty feeling his sperm running down my chin and neck.
How come cocks are connected to idiots? I always find the guys who want to be so dominating and controlling. Where are the cocks that are nice and want me to live my life as well?
Well, I guess I will go boil some water and warm up James....


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  • Are you mad? What made you go off men? You just need to have more control over them.Love or hate them,they do have many good uses,you just need to keep them inline.

  • Darling you should try some girls, really it is fantastic when you have a nice lesbian relationship lot better than men.

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