I gave the delivery guy a blow job

I was still in my morning t-shirt, no bra, no underwear when I saw the van coming down the driveway. I stood by the door watching for him to come around the garage to the front door and when he did I opened it up and greeted him, his eyes went straight to my breasts. I told him good afternoon XXXXXX delivery guy do you want a blow job? He stood there for a second with a smile on his face then told me that there was no way he could do that, I asked him if he was married or something because I did not see a ring. I told him come on, you have five minutes don't you?
He walked in and looked around probably thinking this was a set up for sure, I got down on my knees and began undoing his belt then he started helping me out and in seconds I was staring at his cock. I started licking and stroking it then sucked on him hard and fast listening to him gasp and moan out as he leaned back against the wall. He came quickly, did not last more than a minute, I leaned back after devouring him and he thanked me a few times and told me that I was incredible. He looked down at me and asked if he could see me without the t-shirt on, I slid it off and stood up as he gazed up and down at me. He asked if he could touch me and I nodded yes to him, he fondled my nipples and rubbed his fingers across my vagina. He smiled at me then told me he had to get going, I told him to have a great day and closed the door behind him. I picked up my t-shirt and put it back on then texted my husband that I had a fantasy for him to fulfil tonight.

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  • I was on the opposite side. I was much older and I made a visit to inspect her car. She was young and invited me inside her apartment and was so happy with the amount. She kept obliging she needed to give me something. I told her how much trouble I could get into. She reached for my zipper and pulled it out. Then she rubbed it and started sucking it. She was so gorgeous I couldn’t stop her. After a while I pushed her on the couch and opened her legs. I didn’t waste any time pumping her and she begged me not to stop.I thought she was so attractive I wasn’t going to use protection. I came inside of her and she continued to kiss me after. She wanted to talk like she liked me. She wanted to meet me sometime later for drinks. I told her where I hung out and low and behold she shows up. My friends can’t believe how hot she is and the kid me saying she’s a hooker?
    We leave and again I let her suck me off and then fuck her in the car. She told me I could come by anytime I wanted.I found out she had a husband in Afghan and stopped seeing her

  • I have fucked our UPS driver several times. My husband hides in the other room and listens to me getting pleased by this man. As soon as the guy is gone my husband fucks me. He doesn't last more than a minute before he adds his cum to my lovers cum inside of me. I am a lucky girl!!

  • That's funny. Once my roommate and I ordered a pizza, and the guy had a portable charge thing to process debit cards at the door. I realized I was broke when my card got declined. We were hungry, so I sucked his dick for the pizza. He asked if he could deliver to us again, lol.

  • Its all fun, a few years ago i slept with the virgin media engineer after he installed our internet and Tv, still not sure how it happed as it happened so fast, one minute i was bringing his a cup of tea the next he was inbetween my legs x

  • It's amazing where they have to run the cable in order to get a good connection.

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